We’ve got birthdays, seasonal holidays and wedding anniversaries covered, but sometimes we want more excuses to celebrate. If you’re looking for a reason to bake a cake, an excuse to cheer up a friend, or perhaps you just want that nudge to make something special, then read on! We’ve rounded up 99 alternative bash ideas worth celebrating. It’s time to celebrate life’s big and little everyday confetti moments. You deserve it.

Rainbow birthday layer cake

1. It’s your half birthday

Why celebrate once a year, when you can throw a second party for your half-birthday too! Make a note of loved ones’ half-birthdays and surprise them with a handmade card. We love the idea of making a half rainbow cake to mark the occasion too! Check out these birthday cake ideas to help you celebrate.

2. It’s the anniversary of your furry friend’s arrival!

Celebrate the anniversary of when you welcomed that little fluffy pet friend or quirky little reptile into your home. Bake a cake that looks like them, make something to pimp up their home, or throw a pet party!

3. You got that promotion or more holiday time, let’s celebrate!

Don’t let these moments in life go uncelebrated. You’re awesome and you’ve worked hard for this! Sprinkle cakes, treat yourself to some luxe yarn, you name it, you deserve it! 

4. Mark the first day of the month

Bake a cake because it’s April! Create a scrapbook dedicated to your month’s memories. Or why not create an embroidered day-by-day diary? That’s one way to celebrate your favourite month. Try these easy scrapbook layout ideas.

5. It’s a full moon

For thousands of years the full moon has been celebrated for its divine energy. As the moon enters its fullest and brightest expression, it’s the perfect time to create a little ritual of your own. Perhaps it's time for a candlelit bath, an evening dedicated to scrapbooking, or maybe you’d like to gather friends and manifest positive energy for the lunar cycle ahead.

6. ​​Woohoo! It’s the start of your fave television series 

Oh, we love this one! Whether you throw a Bridgerton Bash for your friends, or host a Great British Bake off celebration, this is the perfect excuse to throw a get-together. May we advise, if you’re hosting a Bridgerton Bash, you dress like a diamond of the first water to match.

7. You’ve reached your healthy milestones

We don’t mind what your goal is, perhaps it’s to eat more veg, walk 7000 steps a day, or get yourself on that bike. Whatever your milestone, make it something to celebrate!

8. You’ve moved into your new pad!

This is a good one. If you’ve just moved home, or perhaps you’ve got a new housemate, this one calls for a little shindig! And what would a shindig be without cake?

9. You’ve got a friend-versary to celebrate!

Met your bestie 30 years ago? Perhaps it’s one year since you became Instagram friends with your knitting inspiration? Mark the occasion with a make-a-long, or a quick gift knit for that wonderful human.

10. It’s Friday. Or Saturday. Or Monday.

Whatever day you’re in need of a pick me up, turn it into an occasion. “Marble Cake Monday” or “Fondant Fancy Friday”, every day can be a cake day when you use alliteration!

11. Your pal is moving away

Give your friend the send off they deserve with a cake to mark the occasion, or make your bestie a DIY gift to keep you close by.

12. Your pal is moving back

Welcome your friend home with a cake made especially for them! If you need an excuse to perfect your icing skills, we can’t think of a better one!

13. It's your home anniversary

It’s been a whole year since you’ve moved into your place. Perhaps you’re celebrating 20 years in your flat. Whatever the anniversary, commemorate the good times with cake!

14. Your favourite film has been released!

That film you love has just come out on Netflix, or is finally available to rent. Mark the occasion and host a Knitflix night.

15. You’ve reached a savings goals

Whether you’re saving for a something big or small, when you hit that target it deserves a celebration cake and the more sprinkles the better in our opinion!

16. You've quit that bad habit!

If you’ve finally broken that naughty habit, you deserve a little treat to say hip hop hooray!

17. Boogie on down, it’s your breakup party!

Forget about anniversaries, it’s time to celebrate those long overdue breakups. Perhaps you’ve finally got that divorce, or you’re ready to date again - make a breakup cake, to celebrate the start of a new lease of life.

18. You’ve mastered that new skill

You clever sausage, you’ve finally completed that course, passed your driving test, or perhaps taught yourself how to Fair Isle! Pat on the back for you and one cake coming right up.

19. Woo-hoo, you’ve conquered your fear

As we get older, we make less time to celebrate life’s little milestones; but overcoming a fear is a great opportunity to celebrate your wonderful self. 

20. Finally, that big project is done!

You’ve cleaned out the loft, you’ve done your tax returns, your website is live…whatever the project, mark that occasion with a little celebration!

21. It’s the anniversary of your special trip

Take a trip down memory lane and remember that special trip you had. Take a look at these 17 inspiring travel scrapbook layouts, to give you some creative ideas!

22. A newbie's started at work

Make your new colleague smile with a bake to welcome them on board! Try these 13 totally tasty cupcake ideas, perfect for sharing.

23. There’s a new neighbour in town

Welcome your new neighbour to the area with a plant and matching hanger to celebrate their new beginning! 

24. You’ve made a new friend

Perhaps you’ve bonded over your love of yoga, or you’ve made virtual friends with a fellow crocheter on Instagram. Celebrate your new friend with one of these 29 awesome diy projects you can make in a day

25. It’s empty nest day! 

If your children have flown the nest, mark the occasion as the start of the next chapter of your own life.

26. You’ve adopted a pet or plant baby

Whether you’ve welcomed a scaly reptile into your home, or you’ve just bought a monstera to complete your living room - mark the day with a celebration!

27. You’ve started that side hustle

Yay - you did it, you’re turning your passion into a hobby hustle and making those dreams come true. If that doesn’t deserve a cake, then we don’t know what does!

28. It’s the first day of the season 

Mark the changing of the seasons with a new seasonal project. Any excuse for more craft supplies…

+69 more excuses to mainly eat cake, craft and celebrate…


29. April 1st: April Fool’s Day

30. April 2nd: Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

31. April 3rd: Find a Rainbow Day

32. April 4th: Bird Day

33. April 11th: Pet Day

34. April 29th International Dance Day

35. April 31st: Macaroon Day


36. May 4th: Thank a Teacher Day

37. May 7th: Space Day

38. May 16th: Love a Tree Day

39. May 21st: Endangered Species Day


40. June 4th: Doughnut Day

41. June 5th: World Environment Day

42. June 8th: Best Friends Day

43. June 17th: Apple Strudel Day

44. June 24th: Pralines Day


45. July 2nd: World UFO Day

46. July 7th: World Chocolate Day

47. July 17th: National Hot Dog Day

48. July 30th: International Day of Friendship


49. August 8th: International Cat Day

50. August 12th: World Elephant Day

51. August 21st: Spumoni day

52. August 23rd: Sponge cake day

53. August 30th: Eat outside day


54. September 1st: Cherry Popover Day

55. September 2nd: World Coconut Day

56. September 4th: Eat an extra dessert day

57. September 5: International Day of Charity #CharityDay

58. September 21: International Day of Peace #PeaceDay

59. September 23: Great American Pot Pie day


60. October 1st: International Coffee Day

61. October 1st: World Vegetarian Day

62. October 1st: World Smile Day

63. October 4st: Cinnamon Roll Day

64. October 11th: International Day of the Girl

65. October 14th: Dessert Day

66. October 16th: World Food Day

67. October 21st: Reptile Awareness Day

68. October 26th: Pumpkin Day


69. November 1st: World Vegan Day

70. November 13th: World Kindness Day

71. November 17th: Homemade Bread Day

72. November 21st: World Hello Day

73. November 24th: Celebrate your Unique Talent Day

74. November 25th: Parfait Day

75. November 29th: Lemon Cream Pie Day


76. December 4th: Cookie Day

77. December 8th: Brownie Day

78. December 9th: Pastry Day

79. December 12th: Gingerbread House Day

80. December 18th: Bake Cookies Day

81. December 22nd: Cookie Exchange Day

82. December 23rd: Pfeffernüsse Day


83. January 12th: Marzipan Day

84. January 13th: Rubber Ducky Day

85. January 20th: Cheese Lovers Day


86. February 3rd: Carrot Cake Day

87. February 10th: Teddy Day

88. February 11th: Inventors Day

89. February 13th: Palentine’s day

90. February 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day

91. February 21st: Sticky Bun Day

92. February 23: Banana Bread Day


93. March 3rd: World Wildlife Day

94. March 8th: International Women's Day

95. March 11th: Popcorn Lover's Day

96. March 14th: Pi Day

97. March 20th: International Day of Happiness

98. March 21st: World Poetry Day

99. March 27th: Earth Hour Day

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