Colourful, snuggly and decorative, crochet blankets are a great, versatile project for any maker. Beginners can practice their new hook skills when they learn how to crochet a blanket, while experienced crocheters can have fun experimenting with different stitches, quirky yarns and creative trims.

Crochet blankets can be almost any size; choose from small crochet baby blankets worked in super soft merino to keep new additions cosy, or huge afghans hooked in a rainbow of colours to decorate even the biggest of beds - the only limit is your imagination!

Beginner's blanket how to

If you're new to crochet and you want to make a fabulous multi-coloured stripe blanket, you've come to the right place! Katie from The Queen Stitch has created an amazing step-by-step video tutorial that will have you crocheting an awesome blanket in no time. For this quick and easy crochet blanket, we’ve used Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Super Chunky and a simple-to-learn stitch that will hook up fast with no complicated stitch repeats to learn.

You will need

1. Three balls of each colour in Paintbox Yarns Wool Mix Super Chunky

2. A 10mm hook

3. Tapestry needle to sew in ends

4. Scissors

Choose your colours

Paintbox Yarns Super Chunky Wool Mix is a gorgeously soft, machine washable yarn that hooks up super fast on a 10mm hook. For the baby blanket, Katie used three balls of each colour, for a blanket sized 35" x 60" (88 x 152 cm).  You can work your blanket in any shade, or combination of colours.

How to crochet a blanket


step 1

Begin with colour A, make a slip knot and chain 65 (64 plus one for turning.) To make a chain, place the hook into the slip knot loop, yarn around the hook and pull through the loop on your hook. Yarn over, pull through the loop and repeat until you have the required number of chains.


step 2

For row 1 work a half treble crochet (htc) into each chain to end, turn. (To work an htc: yarn around hook, hook into the stitch, pull up a loop so there are now three loops on your hook, yarn around hook and pull through all three loops.)


step 3

For row 2 create the ridged texture. Work each half treble crochet (htc) into the back loop only (BLO) of each stitch to end, turn. Keep working into the back loop only (BLO) for every row of the blanket.


step 4

For row 3, change to colour B. Working over the end of colour A as you work the first few stitches. If you prefer to leave a long tail for each colour and weave the ends in afterwards, you can do that too. Continue working rows into the back loop, changing colour as you like until you reach the desired blanket length.

The best yarns for crocheting blankets

Choosing a yarn for crochet blanket projects is super fun - because anything goes! If you want a speedy project that works up in an evening, opt for extra bulky or chunky yarn, while anyone looking to add intricate detail to their crochet blanket should choose a lighter weight such as DK or sport. Any fiber works brilliantly; acrylic yarns wash well, and can be popped in the machine, but luxurious blends such as merino, silk and alpaca are all super soft and add a real touch of elegance to your project.

Colour your world with Paintbox Yarns

More beautiful yarns to try

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