Donut + cake = donut cake, a match made in heaven! If you’re searching for donut cake ideas, you’re in for a tasty treat! Whether you’re baking for a birthday or a baby shower, this winning combo is guaranteed to impress.

Pink sprinkles donut cake

We can’t get enough of this extra fun donut cake covered with pink sprinkles and icing! Baked in a bundt tin, this is the perfect bake for a kid's birthday party. What could be more special than a giant version of children’s favourite sweet treat?

Triple stack donut cake

Who said all the fun had to be saved for the kids? For donut loving adults, this one's for you! This triple stacked donut cake checks all the boxes – bright, colourful, tasty and covered in sprinkles! Why bake one when you can bake three?

Stacked donut cake

When in doubt, stack ‘em up! If you’re short on time, this simple stacked donut cake is ideal. You could even use shop-bought donuts if you didn’t have time to bake donuts (or donut-shaped cakes!). Covered with gold sprinkles and oodles of icing, this cake is as impressive as it is easy!

Funfetti donut cake

Funfetti fans, you’re in for a treat! This delightful donut cake couldn’t be easier to create. Simply stack up layers of your favourite funfetti sponge, top with a colourful layer of buttercream icing and stick tiny sprinkle-covered donuts on the side to decorate. Not only is this cake seriously tasty, it also looks spectacular when you cut into it!

Delightful donuts cake

Need some inspiration for cake decorations? Just cover it in donuts! This fabulously fun and colourful cake is smothered in a layer of rich buttercream and decorated with bold donuts – genius!

Pretty in pink donut cake

Perfect for a children’s birthday party or quick ‘n’ easy cake for Mother’s Day or a baby shower, these stacked donuts couldn’t be prettier! Covered in delicious pink glaze and topped off with colourful sprinkles, this donut cake can be ready in no time, especially if you skip the baking part!

Chocolate donut cake

Chocolate lovers – you’re in for a treat! This deliciously rich and totally decadent chocolate donut cake is a surefire winner. Bake a brownie-like chocolatey sponge in a bundt pan and finish with a glossy chocolate icing and, of course, sprinkles!

Simpsons giant donut cake

Homer Simpson eat your heart out! This Simpsons-inspired giant donut cake is an ode to Homer’s ‘forbidden donut’ – and we think it looks tantalizingly tempting! This clever cake is filled with jam and cream before being smoothly covered with a layer of buttercream icing to disguise the layers. Topped off with a sticky pink icing and lots and lots of sprinkles, this cake looks so good it’s unreal!

Donut wedding cake

Don’t save donut cakes for birthdays and baby showers – make them the star of the show at a wedding! If you’re a bride on a budget, this is a great crowd-pleasing cake to make! Forget the cake cutting performance and tuck right into these pillowy donuts, piled high and decorated with gorgeous fresh flowers.

Donut cake topper

You don’t have to be a master baker to create a cake that looks as impressive as it tastes! This donut cake topper couldn’t be easier to recreate. Start with a simple two-tier sponge cake and cover it with luscious buttercream. Pop small ring donuts onto sticks of different heights and arrange them on top of your cake.

Naked donut wedding cake

The trend for ‘naked’ wedding cakes is huge – think simple sponges layered with visible icing, topped with fresh flowers. This trend translates perfectly to donut cakes too. This clever tiered cake is made up of glaze-coated ring donuts and finished with fresh flowers for a super stylish finish.

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