4th of July fun!

Published on 2 July 2020 2 min read

Get patriotic wherever you are this 4th July, with our fun round up of craft, knit and crochet ideas! To start you off, we've got an adorable video of party ideas including DIY Party Pom-Pom Cake Toppers, Speedy Stars & Stripes Printed Napkins, DIY Paper Star Place Settings, and a perfect Pom-Pom Party Centrepiece! And if you're in a rush, try our Stars & Stripes Paper Garland! So, whether you’re celebrating with fireworks, picnic or BBQ, with the family or curling up with your favourite yarn, we've got some fabulous tutorials to make this year a craft extravaganza. Explore cute and fun knitted and crochet accessories you can make on the day, and projects you can make in advance which will put the stars (and stripes) in your eyes this year!

Make a rainbow window hanging!


  • A5 sized paper in red, white, blue and gold. (A mix of metallic, plain and glittery papers work well!)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Gold cord for hanging


Print the templates onto thin card. Then cut out.


Draw round the largest arch onto the red card, the second largest onto the white and the third largest onto the blue. Then cut out. 


Use the remaining templates to create more arches from the coloured papers.


Construct the rainbows by placing the coloured arches in the correct order from large to small.  Try and leave about 5mm between each arch, this allows the rainbows to twist in the breeze. (you may need to trim the arches to allow them to rotate freely.)  Lay a meter long length of yarn down the middle of the arches. Fix the yarn in place with a strip of double sided tape on each. 


Cut small rectangles of card to cover each piece of double sided tape. 


Finish off by cutting two stars from eh gold card, fix in-between the rainbows with more Double sided tape.

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