Celebrating motherhood: our guide to Mother's Day makes

Published on 3 March 2020 2 min read

Whether the person who mothered you is your mum, your aunt, your grandmother or your friend, Mother's Day is a great chance to show them just how much you love them by making them something special. Knit it, stitch it, crochet it or sew it - we've got some beautiful projects for you to make for the mothers in your life.

3 top tips for making for Mother's Day

Whether you want to make something from scratch, or perhaps embroider directly on to a cushion or denim jacket for a really personal treat - we've got lots of great projects to try!

1. Choose a project you can finish in time!

There's no point in starting something too late that will take too long - there's nothing worse than feeling stressed about finishing something in time!

It is the gesture and thoughtfulness that counts on Mother’s Day."

2. Make something she will love

Our mothers will love whatever we do - from the potato print pictures of early years to the hastily hand tied bouquets of flowers and bountiful baking, but being thoughtful is what is important for mother’s day, not size or cost. A pair of mittens or a shawl, or an embroidered message will all hit the spot - it’s the thought that counts!

3. Stitch in the love

It’s a great opportunity for mindful making - take your time and put all your love into every stitch - it will show! And if there are mistakes, that is fine - don’t worry and panic - it is the gesture and thoughtfulness that counts on Mother’s Day. You don’t need to achieve perfection, you just need to express yourself!

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