Make spring flower pom poms

Enjoy the colours of spring, without the hayfever! Follow Christine Leech's free flower pom pom tutorial to make your own bouquet.


This project is for a gorgeously tactile, oversized floral pompom made in chunky yarn - so it is super quick to make. Don’t worry if your number of wraps aren’t exactly the same as the ones written here as these are simply a guideline.

Once you work out the structure of the flowers you can experiment with different size centres, petals and leaves by increasing or decreasing the number of wraps.

Making the center


Beginning in the centre of one half of your maker, wrap the Mustard Yellow yarn 32 times.

Try and build up a wedge shape so there is more yarn at the centre than at the edges (this creates a circular shape when the pom is cut open).

step 1


Take the Aubergine yarn and start wrapping it alongside the Mustard Yellow yarn (wrapping the two strands at the same time) over the existing Mustard yarn 16 times.

Cover all the existing Mustard yarn.

step 2

Making the petals


step 1

Take the Bubblegum Pink yarn and wrap it 16 times to the right of the Aubergine and Mustard Yellow, (directly onto the maker not over the existing yarn).

Then wrap it on top of the Aubergine and Mustard Yellow yarn a further 25 times.

Add in a strand of Ballet Pink yarn and with the Bubblegum Pink cover the rest of the Aubergine and Mustard Yellow with 16 wraps.

Cut away the Ballet Pink and finish off with 16 more wraps of the Bubblegum Pink.

Making the leaves


step 1

Starting at the middle of the pompom maker wrap the Grass Green yarn 40 times over the right hand side of the maker.


Fill the rest of the maker with the Champagne White yarn.

To keep the flower part of the pompom together first try and fill the remaining exposed maker to the left and right of the flower with the Champagne White yarn first, then cover the rest.

Fill the other half of the maker with the Champagne White yarn.

step 2


step 3

Close the makers, cut through the yarn then wrap a 20cm length of yarn through the middle of the two makers.

Tie a tight single knot and then wind the yarn back around the makers and tie a tight double knot to secure the pom. 

Remove the makers and give the pom a shake.

Pro Tip

The more you trim your flower the more defined the flower shape will become.

Have fun experimenting with different colour combinations to create your dream bouquet - or string them all up for some adorable, floral bunting!