Staying in for the Super Bowl? Craft yourself some everlasting snacks with these seriously fun fast food knitting and crochet projects. From a tasty looking taco to pepperoni pizza you can snuggle up with on the sofa, sugar coated doughnuts and the squishiest hot dogs, these half time treats look good enough to eat!

Looking for a project you can whip up in a single game? Our handy knitting calculator and crochet calculator are here to help you pick a project you can complete in under 4 hours. Touchdown!

1. Why not kick off with a whole meal deal

2. Snuggle up with pizza by the slice

3. Nacho average Mexican takeout

4. The pizza pie pillow you've been waiting for

5. Crochet your perfect home slice

6. Kick back on your tush with this donut cushion

7. Make this crochet whopper with extra fries

8. Could you tackle an all day breakfast? Yes, please!

9. Crochet the cutest taco to guac your world!

10. This crochet hot dog is just adora-bowl!

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