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Super fun and easy Easter crafts for kids

Pastels, bunnies, chicks and eggs are all essentials for super cute Easter craft projects! These fun Easter craft ideas for kids will keep your little ones busy making all sorts of cute Easter projects that are just too adorable for words! From bookmarks, baskets and bonnets there are loads of makes to get your family eggcited about Easter!

Easter bunny book buddies 

These super cute paper bunny bookmarks from Andreja are the perfect quick make for your little ones. With some pretty pastel stock paper and googly eyes you’ll be able to whip up this beautiful bunny in time for a bedtime story. 

The cutest chickadee you ever did see!

Debbie’s delightful paper chick crafts are too cute for words and super easy too! All you need is a paper roll, some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, tape and a pen! You could even tuck an easter egg inside, the perfect hiding spot for an Easter egg hunt!  

Or if you’ve got an Easter tree to decorate, these super cute paper chicks from Maggy at Red Ted Art make perfect fun easter crafts for kids! Use sunshine yellow for a traditional Easter chick, or try cute pastels to make other terrific tweetie birds!

Bunny Easter baskets

Where better to stash your Easter egg haul than in one of these absolutely adorable bunny Easter baskets? These Easter basket craft ideas are super easy like Mermag’s blog uses an old circular tub covered in duct tape to create one beautiful bunny! But you could totally cover it in the paper you used to make the ears too.

Kate at the Craft Train also has a super easy tutorial on how to make one wonderful little bunny Easter basket out of coloured paper using their printable. Fill these beautiful baskets with Easter eggs, sweet treats and other lovely things to make a great Easter hamper! 

Floral fantastic!

Create some floral fun with your little ones this Easter with some colourful flower crafts. Debbie at One Little Project has made these downright lovely handprint lilies that would be perfect for the littlest of hands. Make them in lots of different colours and patterned paper for a beautiful bouquet bursting with joy!

For more fabulously floral makes, try these accordion paper flowers from First Palette. Make them out of lots of funky paper for a fun easter craft project that your kids will love! You can even embellish them with buttons and beads for the middle, or try straws and pipe cleaners for the stem.

Nothing says spring quite like tulips, and these easy paper straw tulips by I Heart Crafty Things are just as cheerful as the real thing!

Transform cupcake liners into the most beautiful blooms in no time at all with this brilliant tutorial from One Little Project.

Bunny bonanza!

For more fun Easter craft ideas for kids, this super simple Easter bunny bunting from Laura at Party Delights, or Happy Housie, is a great make for your kids to do! Get creative with coloured card and a cotton ball for the bunny tails, attach to a piece of string and ta-dah! Beautiful bunny bunting ready to hang in your home, or perfect for an Easter egg hunt garden party.

Hosting an easter egg hunt for your kids? Why not get the little ones party ready and get them making their own easy Easter bonnets? These super cute DIY bunny party hats from The House that Lars Built are absolutely adorable and a fantastic kids craft. Grab a variety of card stock to give each bunny bonnet its own unique personality!

And if you want to keep it super simple, from The Best Ideas for Kids this classic paper plate craft is a great easter art and craft idea! Grab some googly eyes and cotton balls and your little ones will love making their own bunny faces.

Toilet roll tubes might not spring to mind when you think of crafting, but these recycled bunny versions by The Best Ideas for Kids are super easy to make and kids will love them! Save up a few toilet roll tubes and you'll be well on your way to creating cute bunny decorations to dot around the house this Easter.

If you want to get making and haven't saved up a stash of toilet roll tubes, you can use rolled up pieces of paper or card, as Easy Peasy Fun shows us here.

If you're short on stash, these little paper handprint bunnies by One Little Project are a great Easter make for kids. All you need is a piece of paper, some scissors, a pen and a little handprint.

Eggcellent Easter egg ideas

Kids will be totally blown away by these amazing tie dye Easter eggs by One Little Project. You'll need hard boiled eggs, food colouring, a paper towel, a spray bottle and some elastic bands to replicate this cool make.

My Grandma is Fun have come up with a eggciting tutorial for salt dough Easter egg ornaments. This tutorial can be adapted for kids of all ages – little ones will love helping to make the dough and painting the ornaments, while older children can take charge of the process and help to shape the eggs and bake them too.

Use up leftover snippets of coloured paper or even old paint charts to create this cool Easter egg wreath complete with bunny ears! The base of the wreath is made with a paper plate; a genius idea from The Soccer Mom Blog.

Cute Easter critters

Give old raisin boxes a new lease of life with these fun little box characters. Kids will love creating their own designs using Eats Amazing's ideas for inspiration!

If these Easter art and crafts ideas haven’t inspired you to get your little ones making for bunnies and chicks in pretty pastels then we don’t know what will! There are so many Easter craft ideas for kids out there, but these are definitely our favourite. If you're searching for more Easter inspiration, our round-up of super easy Easter papercrafts are sure to go down a treat!

More eggcellent Easter makes!