Hue are you?

There is a rainbow of colors in the world, and there’s a rainbow of colors in your yarn stash! But did you know different colors represent different personalities? Take our quiz to find out which hue is most you! Are you a serene blue on the search for inner peace, a feisty red with an action-oriented life plan, a curious green on the hunt for new experiences, or a zesty yellow spreading happiness wherever you go? Take our quiz to find out which hue is you!

1. What thrills you most about making something?

  • Daydreaming

    Dreaming of all the lovely things to make and favoriting patterns for my next project

  • Mindfulness

    That feeling of calm when I'm in making mode, blocking out the worries of the world

  • The finished piece
    Showing off my talents and taking pictures of my fabulous finished makes

  • Self expression

    The joy of expressing myself creatively with wonderful color and texture

2. We all have a happy place - where is yours?

  • The great outdoors
    Anything alfresco! I love a picnic with friends or a walk through the forest

  • Sunny beach strolls
    Long afternoons on the beach and the sun streaming down, with a cool drink in my hand

  • Cozy sofa times
    Curled up on the sofa reading a book or craft mag, I just love peace and quiet

  • Fairground frolics

    The craziest, highest ride at the fairground, then cotton candy and ice cream to follow

3. What is your spirit animal?

  • Cat

    A big furry tabby cat who loves lazing in the sunshine, as well as playing with yarn of course

  • Orangutan

    A sensitive and gentle orangutan who couldn’t be happier swinging from tree to tree

  • Elephant

    A wise old elephant who will never forget a face, birthday, or a stitch repeat

  • Peacock
    A proud peacock that can't resist strutting its fabulous stuff around town

4. You can choose the trip of a lifetime, where do you go?

  • New York

    New York, New York! Vibrant, bustling, bright, and full of thrilling theatre. Visit the Big Apple and have some fun

  • Bali
    With its paradise beaches and dreamy stretches of clear water, Bali has everything I need for peace, quiet and relaxation

  • Paris

    Ooh la la! Fashionistas and historians alike love Paris, sail down the River Seine and climb up the iconic Eiffel Tower

  • Athens

    Rub shoulders with gods and goddesses and explore the history of ancient Greece with a trip to the capital, Athens

5. To keep you company while you knit or crochet, what is your drink of choice?

  • Hot chocolate

    A perfectly soothing mug of hot chocolate

  • Tea
    A pot of tea (with cake, of course!)

  • Smoothie
    An antioxidant-boosting superfood smoothie

  • Cappuccino
    A frothy cappuccino to keep my mind sharp

6. So many yarn brands, so little time! Which of these yarns would you love to try?

  • Malabrigo

    Family owned, ethically sound, and gloriously hand dyed Malabrigo

  • Paintbox

    Fun, fun, fun! Dive into the rainbow palette of Paintbox yarns

  • Debbie Bliss

    Affordable luxury that never lets you down, the darling Debbie Bliss

  • Willow & Lark

    Cozy, comforting, and lovely, Willow and Lark is a classic British style yarn

7. You're marooned on a desert island but you can take one book with you, what could you not live without?

  • A magical novel

    You need to believe in the power of magic. Thank goodness you brought your Harry Potter collection with you

  • A current best seller

    Whatever is topping the best seller list! Only the latest racy page turner will keep you hooked

  • A literary classic

    A classic will always look after you. As long as you've got Jane Austen by your side, you’ll be fine

  • A cookbook

    You love the serenity of island life! Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to utilize your foraging cookbooks

8. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • Meringue

    A delectably light and sweet meringue topped with fruit

  • Apple pie
    A classic and comforting apple pie with custard or ice cream

  • Fruit

    Nature's finest dessert is the only one for me: fruit glorious fruit

  • Double chocolate brownie

    Sinful, rich, and delicious: the double chocolate brownie

9. What's your idea of the perfect Sunday?

  • Home sweet home

    Staying home with a crafty project, a great book, or a new recipe is perfect

  • Adventures around town

    Sunday is the best time to explore my town and see new places. Adventure here I come

  • Friends and family

    Catch up with friends and family, cook something special, and relax

  • Soulful Sunday

    Rest and rejuvenate! Yoga, meditation, good food, and to finish, a nap in the grass - bliss

10. Hurray! You’ve been invited to a garden party and the hostess has asked you to contribute to the feast - what do you take?

  • Cake
    A party isn’t a party without my decadent carrot cake

  • Seasonal salad

    A big bowl of beautifully fresh, vibrant, and colorful salad

  • Lemonade

    A pitcher of zesty and zingy homemade lemonade

  • Choc chip cookies

    Lovingly baked, chocolate chip cookies

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