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The Yarn Collective patterns and yarns

The Yarn Collective is a fiber and design brand that works with the best independent designers in the knitting industry. Truly sumptuous yarns, in a range of inspiring and novel colorways, make up this artisan collection. Tread untamed paths, deep dive into these beautiful knitting patterns and unravel with unforgettable yarns.

Introducing the Flora & Fauna collection...

The Flora & Fauna collection brings together indie designers, each inspired by the unrivalled beauty of our planet's natural biodiversity. Forest foraging, vintage botanicals, rustic plant motifs, elegant hand stitched fabric inspired by birds and butterflies; each pattern in the collection is designed by an indie designer with their own unique inspiration. Dip into these stunning makes in rustic and vintage shades of The Yarn Collective Fleurville 4 Ply.

Introducing the Modern Bloomsbury collection...

Make an impression with the Modern Bloomsbury collection, inspired by a group of intellectual female writers who banded together in the 1900's to form the Bloomsbury set. The Modern Bloomsbury collection is modern with a period sensibility, echoing the femininity and attitude of these female trailblazers.

Introducing the Button Bay collection...

A heady concoction of whimsy, quirkiness not to mention beautiful design, the Button Bay pattern collection is inspired by Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. With fantastical patterns by Irina Anikeeva, Andrea Rangel, Sachiko Burgin and Kiyomi Burgin, you'll love making these wonderful knits!

Introducing the Sage collection...

90's gothic-inspired knitwear? Only if you dare! This cauldron of patterns simmers with grungy cool knitwear taking influence from throwback icons including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy. Perfect for taking you from autumn to winter, each pattern conjures spellbinding results!

Introducing the Style Moderne collection...

This Art Deco inspired collection brings the elegance of the roaring 20's to life with delicate lace patterns and geometric designs.

Style Moderne shawl Style Moderne sweater pattern

Style Moderne's opulent style will give your wardrobe an elegant upgrade, in rich colors these pieces are Gatsby inspired gorgeousness. This collection has been designed by Katie Moore, Agata Mackiewicz and Alexandra Tavel in Rivoli Sport and Fleurville 4 ply.

Introducing the Idle Wanderer collection...

From mountain passes to cliff tops, the Idle Wanderer collection is a series of winsome accessories and garments inspired by wild and untamed landscapes. For those who love nothing better then wandering off the beaten track, each of these knitting and crochet projects are filled with subtle character and rich detail.

Idle Wanderer sweater knitting patternIdle Wanderer shawl knitting pattern

Featuring Fleurville 4ply, Bloomsbury DK and Hudson Worsted yarns in The Yarn Collective’s signature weathered shades, you can find a project for your ability. Designers behind the collection include Irene Lin, Sloane Rosenthal and Toni Lipsey.

Introducing the Golden Ratio collection ...

The Golden Ratio has inspired thinkers of all disciplines, not just mathematicians but musicians, architects, artists and now this sequence of numbers most beloved of the Ancient Greeks has been taken up by knitwear designers. Irina Anikeeva, Stella Ackroyd and Cynthia Fong have worked their magic to create beautiful designs inspired by this most magical of number sequences. Stella Ackroyd's Symbol Beret uses a garter stitch rib, with increases to the brim calculated by using the Golden Ratio, and her Newton Scarf uses Hudson Worsted for its calculations, building a lofty texture to keep you toasty warm.

Irina Anikeeva is famous for her love of texture and cables, so it is no surprise to us that she was inspired the Parthenon in Athens, as her muse, for the perfect cowl you'll wear again and again. In the Tau Hat, pattern takes its name from the Golden Ratio’s Greek letter Tau (τ), the first letter of the ancient Greek τομή (tomi: ‘cut’ or ‘section’) and creates a fabulous textured wave that we can't stop squishing!

Cynthia Fong's Sequential Top uses three important numbers, 21, 34, 55, make up the lace stitch count on each panel, and the sleeves measure to the Golden Ratio, so you can embrace inner Leonardo Da Vinci! Worked with two strands of Portland Lace, the Sequential Top pictured below uses shades Sheepish and Keeping Bees, but there are ten colors to choose from.

Introducing the Lost in Translation collection ...

Following on from the success of The Yarn Collective's Button Bay collection, we love the next fabulous collection inspired by contemporary magical worlds created through Japanese animation, Lost in Translation. Designers were inspired by mixing color with unusual patterns and stitch techniques to create garments that expressed the drama and freedom of this magical genre.

Lost in Translation knitting pattern

Some of The Yarn Collective's favourite designers have joined together to create the Lost in Translation collection - the fabulous Yugen sweater and hat were designed by Weichien from The Petite Knitter, and we love the Sprite Set by Cheryl Eaton. Francesca Hughes created the gorgeous Turnabout sweater, and the gorgeous Komorebi hat comes from the brilliant Sachiko Burgin.

Turnabout sweater patternKomorebi hat pattern

Using the latest TYC yarns, the Lost in Translation collection brings together some magical colorways, combining gentle grey and blue tones in the Komorebi Toque in Rivoli, a sumptuous sport weight blend of merino wool and silk, and a riot of Bloomsbury DK's signature shades in the Sprite Set. If you love neutrals, the Yugen hat and sweater is a dream come true in Fleurville's earthy tones, a blissful merino wool 4ply - or dip your toe in the floral pinks of peony and hibiscus in the Turnabout jumper.

TLC hat pattern TLC scarf

The Yarn Collective philosophy: artisan by design

The Yarn Collective collaborates with creative designers from all over the world. You will find a truly diverse range of designs, techniques and approaches, bringing you joy with every knit you make. Handpicked for having a fresh outlook, the designers behind the patterns, represent the best in the modern knitting world. Discover The Yarn Collective knitting patterns from great designers such as Melanie Berg, Carol Feller, Michele Wang and Bristol Ivy.

The Yarn Collective patternThe Yarn Collective scarf pattern
The Yarn Collective pattern
Collective /kəˈlɛktɪv/ adjective: relating to or shared by all the members of a group.

The Yarn Collective values: collective at heart

The concept of the collective is key. For the designers in the collective it is the chance to play a more integrated role in the design process - selecting colors, fibers and weights. The network of designers not only support each other, they support the community too. A percentage of The Yarn Collective sales goes directly to Women for Women International. The charity supports women who live in some of the world’s most dangerous places, enrolling them on programmes, where they learn how to earn and save money, and gain the skills to become successful entrepreneurs. The Yarn Collective’s support helps foster this support and empower women to forge a new path for themselves and their families.

The Yarn Collective: dying the yarn The Yarn Collective: dying the yarn

The Yarn Collective story: family by nature

The Yarn Collective collaborates with a family run mill that has been established for over 85 years. The fibers are sourced from sheep that have been raised ethically and the art of hand dying is encouraged and preserved. The joy of hand dyeing is that the glorious results are unique from one skein to another. Using both hand painting and kettle dye techniques, local Peruvian women work with our yarn to produce magical results. They are trained in artisan hand dyeing techniques, but it’s the element of skill and instinctive understanding of color that gives the curated collections their distinctive spectrum. Now run by the third generation, their passion for ethics matches our own commitment to environmentally safe practices and social responsibility. The mill contributes to the local community with an elementary school set in the highlands of Peru that supports the education of many of the children of the highland shepherds.

The Yarn Collective yarn

By bringing together the skill of the dyers, the sourcing of the finest fibers, modern design and amazing crafters, we can all play our part in keeping our knitting industry fresh, relevant and thriving. In this collection you, the crafter, have the opportunity to not only find inspiration in the designs but get closer to the designers, the inspiration and the craft of hand-dyed yarns.

Introducing: Rivoli yarn

If you love buttersoft silk, glorious merino, and irresistibly fine alpaca you will simply melt when you meet the new yarn, Rivoli Sport, from The Yarn Collective.

The exclusive collaboration between knitwear designer, Nadia Cretin-Lechenne and The Yarn Collective, Rivoli Sport comes in a dazzling array of 10 shades.

Inspired by famous paintings, the exquisitely feminine colors, take us to an artistic paradise. Dream in Rene Storm and Suzanne Green, swoon for Henri Plum and Auguste Pink, and shine with Amedeo Sienna and Vincent Yellow. We can't pick a favorite, it's like walking through a gallery of wonderful artworks and being swept up into a kaleidoscope of color. We're waxing lyrical but just wait until you get your hands on them - you'll do the same!

Rivoli yarn inspirationRivoli yarn