Sock knitting guide

Published on September 26, 2018 4 min read

Where would we be without our delightful sock friends that keep our toes toasty? Nothing beats that snuggly and satisfied feeling you get when you put on a pair of socks that you have knitted with your own hands. Learning how to knit socks is not only super rewarding, (shaping gussets, grafting the toe, and two socks at a time anyone?), they make great small projects for knitting-on-the-go, plus there’s no shortage of friends, babies and charitable causes to gift your knitted socks to! You may be looking to source free sock patterns or to learn the techniques of knitting sock heels, whatever it is, you'll find all the essential sock knitting tips right here. Sock knitting comes with a warning though - once you start you really can’t stop! Are you ready to enter the colorful and cozy world of sock knitting? Let us hear you say, sock it to me!

How to knit socks

For beginner knitters, knitting socks can feel a little daunting, but we’re here to help you sock-ceed (ok, cue the sock puns!). The beauty of knitting socks, is that you do it once, overcome any pitfalls, and then you do it again (a little bit better) for the other foot. Now you’re ready to learn the art of knitting socks, it’s time to knit along with our easy sock knitting tutorials and simple how-to videos. From working the gusset, to grafting the toe you’ll rock at socks in no time!

Knitting socks toe up or cuff down?

You can knit socks from the toe up, or the cuff down, and you can knit two at a time to avoid the well known “second sock syndrome” which affects sock knitters who never get around to knitting the second sock of a pair! It comes down to preference, there are devotees for both methods, just make sure when you choose a pattern that it uses the technique you prefer!

Free sock knitting patterns

Do you need to brighten up your sock collection? We think it’s high time to add some new pairs into rotation. After all, those drab socks of brown and grey will make you look like a laughing sock, and we know you don’t want that. These free sock knitting patterns are the complete opposite of drab. They’re fun, bright, and wonderfully cozy. And did we mention that they’re free?

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Sock knitting needles

Some people knit with double pointed needles, and some prefer the magic loop method using a circular needle with a long cord. Needle material is important – choose something that will match your yarn and knitting style.

Metal needles are great for yarns that are a little bit sticky, and they glide through stitches easily. This can also make them slippery, so if you are a new knitter and not confident with metal needles, try something with more grip.

Bamboo and wood needles are perfect for slippery yarns as they have more of a grippy surface – ideal for cotton, bamboo and linen yarns, or for new knitters who prefer a little bit more security with moving stitches.

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Men’s sock knitting patterns

For the men in your life, or those male knitters out there, we know there is a knitted sock shaped hole in your life. Or maybe just your sock drawer. Fill the void with these glorious woolen socks!

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Women’s sock knitting patterns

When the seasons change and the colder weather sets in, woolen socks become an everyday essential. Knit yourself happy with these beautiful socks that are full of texture, color, and coziness.

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Babies sock knitting patterns

There’s nothing cuter than a pair of baby socks, but a handmade pair of knitted baby socks just might take the cake. Knit your little ones patterned socks or solids, just as long as they’re woolen and wonderful (which they will be), we’re happy!

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Sock knitting yarn

It is wise to stick to natural fibers for sock yarns, avoiding 100% Acrylic yarns. You want yarn that will be breathable, a blend is best, even a small percentage of nylon will help to keep your socks in shape and make them washable. Paintbox Yarns Socks is a hardy 75% super wash wool, 25% polyamide sock yarn that comes in four exciting stories: Zebra, Fair Isle, Stripes and Pixel, and each story contains seven fabulous colorways! West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply is a great favorite with sock fans, and Regia yarns are super popular worldwide thanks to their fabulous range of variegated colorways, and their yarns are hardwearing and will withstand lots of machine washing too!

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