Introducing Piper, the new Debbie Bliss collection

Published on September 26, 2018 2 min read

You know that jump-around-the-room, squeal with excitement feeling you have when your pink parcel arrives? That warm squishy feeling you get when you press a new yarn against your cheek, while you dream up all of those new knits you're going to make? Well that's the feeling we've got x10, here in the LoveKnitting office. Why, you ask? Well the legendary, Debbie Bliss, (you know the one - author of 50+ pattern books and booklets, designer of the timeless Baby Cashmerino collection, with an MBE to her name for her services to the hand knitting and craft industry - yes, that one), has launched a new yarn and pattern collection and it's pretty sensational. It's called Piper and we're going to tell you a little bit about why it's our latest stash crush. Plus we chat with Debbie Bliss herself to talk about the new collection and what you can expect now she's joined the LoveCrafts family.

Texture, colour and charm

When Debbie first saw the yarn at Pitti Filati*, she fell for immediately. "I absolutely love stitch detail and therefore have always preferred classic yarns that are simple and smooth. From the moment I swatched it, I could tell Piper would produce great stitch definition and take colour beautifully." The yarn is a versatile DK weight yarn with a crepe texture that drapes beautifully. The colour palette is made up of 16 shades, including some beautiful and bright, jewel-like shades.

*the main knitwear and yarn trade show for the fashion industry, held in Florence twice a year, with presence from world-wide mills.

I just love the effortless styling of flat sandals, flowing skirts and striking tops and I wanted to design a collection that encapsulates this."

New York, New York! Debbie Bliss shares how one of her favorite cities inspired the collection.

Effortless and stylish Piper patterns

The pattern collection itself is a collection of 9 designs, that cover a range of skills. Talking about the inspiration behind the collection, Debbie says: "With Piper I wanted to capture the natural style and mood of the women who walk around fabulous cities like New York, Paris, London in great outfits. I just love their effortless styling of flat sandals, flowing skirts and striking tops and I wanted to design a collection that encapsulates this."

Download the Piper Lookbook (4MB).

What's in the pipeline for Debbie Bliss

A new collection, new inspiration and new stories to tell. We joined Debbie Bliss in her studio to talk about the new Piper range and all the exciting things you can look forward to!

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