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Hue are you?

There is a rainbow of colours in the world, and there’s a rainbow of colours in your yarn stash! But did you know different colours represent different personalities? Take our quiz to find out which hue is most you! Are you a serene blue on the search for inner peace, a feisty red with an action-oriented life plan, a curious green on the hunt for new experiences, or a zesty yellow spreading happiness wherever you go? Take our quiz to find out which hue is you!

1. What thrills you most about making something?

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    Dreaming of all the lovely things to make and favouriting patterns for my next project

  • null


    That feeling of calm when I'm in making mode, blocking out the worries of the world

  • null

    The finished piece
    Showing off my talents and taking pictures of my fabulous finished makes

  • null

    Self expression

    The joy of expressing myself creatively with colour and texture