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The trilobites (a name meaning 'three lobes') were a diverse geographically dispersed type of arthropod that lived for over 270 million years, eventually becoming extinct around 250 years ago. Because they were so numerous a relatively large number of specimens were fossilised, making them a fantastic and popular starting point for any collector. This pattern for your very own cute trilobite includes detailed instructions as well as a diagram that teaches what each of the main body parts of the trilobite is called as you knit. Perfect for collectors, geeks, dinosaur and fossil enthusiasts, children and anyone who wants a quiet little friend to accompany them on prehistoric undersea adventures. Gauge and yarn choice are unimportant for this project, so it is perfect for using up any leftovers, but it is best to select a needle size one or two sizes smaller than recommended on the yarn ball band for firmer fabric that stuffing will not show through. Nobody truly knows wha
Downloadable PDF
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