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Jagienka - a medieval heroine from Polish literature. A girl that was beautiful, kind and courageous, intelligent and full of life, sincere and generous. The shawl reminds me of her a lot - it’s a bit rustic in appearance and when putting it on for the first time I imagined myself busy bustling about a medieval farm to check if everybody is doing their job. And how I wished I had a long braid to complete this picture!!!

The shawl is bottom-up, you start with 3 stitches and build up the volume as you continue. You need to know basic lace stitches: ssk, k2tog, yo and sl1-k2tog-psso. The pattern is mostly intuitive, there are some rows, however, where you have to pay closer attention to the yarnovers. The wrong side is purled but, as the pattern uses both knit and purl stitches on the right side, its look is not of a purled wrong side but there is a kind of a pattern there as well.

The pattern can be customised by using different yarns, needle sizes, or adding repeats to the pattern.

Yellow Mleczyk
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