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two people doing embroidery together

This handy stitch library is your guide to all the hand embroidery stitches you could ever need! With free video tutorials you'll be able to level up your embroidery with new types of embroidery stitches to create beautiful designs and patterns.

Running stitch

One of the simplest embroidery stitches, this stitch can be worked in straight or curved lines, or for assembly when finishing an embroidery project.

Back stitch

The back stitch is a basic outlining hand-embroidery, it creates a thin line of stitches, perfect for outlining in almost all embroidery patterns! It's also super useful for stitching fabric together.

Split stitch

Split stitch is another super basic embroidery stitch that's easy to learn and versatile to use. It's perfect for any pattern that involves outlining, but you can also embroider dense lines of it for fill stitching!

Chain stitch

Once you learn the basic chain stitch, you can explore all the wonderful variations of the stitch, like the lazy daisy and feathered chain stitch!

Stem stitch

This stitch creates a thin line and can be used to outline embroidered shapes or to create flower and plant stems! Stem stitch is super easy to work in a straight or curved line so you can use it on loads of different embroidery designs.

Lazy daisy stitch

Similar to the chain stitch, the lazy daisy creates a lovely flower shape perfect for decorating your embroidery!

Fly stitch

You can work this handy stitch on its own, as a scattered filling or in lots of rows. You can also work it with quite a few variations, making it useful for stitching different types of lines with cleaner and fewer stitches.

French knot

This lovely little stitch has a reputation for being one of the trickiest stitches, but it's actually super simple to work once you get the hang of it!

Satin stitch

Basic satin stitch is a really easy stitch to use when you need to fill up some space, and it's handy to fill smaller areas. This stitch is also sometimes referred to as a flat satin stitch because the stitches lay flat on the fabric.

Long and short stitch

Also known as "thread-painting" or "needle-painting", this stitch creates colour gradations and shading or highlighting to make your embroidery come alive.

Woven wheel stitch

Want to create your own floral embroidery patterns? The woven wheel stitch, also known as woven rose stitch or the woven spider web, is the stitch for you!

Bokhara couching

So, you’ve tried the basics, now for something more challenging! Bokhara couching is an intricate surface embroidery stitch using a single thread to create a beautiful design.

Rope stitch

Don’t be scared by this more difficult stitch. The rope stitch is great to form an embossed rope look to add to your embroidery designs.

Bullion stitch

Whether you know it as the bullion stitch, caterpillar stitch or knot stitch, this knot technique is perfect for embroidering flower petals. It may take a few steps but you’ll have it stitched in no time!

Whipped wheel stitch

This stitch is super cute and perfect for decoration!

Vandyke stitch

Vandyke stitch is great to add some texture to your design, you'll soon be stitching up a storm!

Twisted chain stitch

We love to twist and shout about this beautiful twisted chain stitch, make a sequence of loops and twist as you work to create a twisted chain stitch!

Knotted buttonhole stitch

Create some beautiful embroidery borders with this knotted buttonhole design, in a just few super simple steps.

Fishbone stitch

If you’ve been wanting to stitch some lovely leaves and delicate feathers, this stitch is the one for you!

Cross stitch

A super simple stitch that's an absolute staple for any embroider.

Feather stitch

There’s a reason the feather stitch is a popular addition to so many embroidery patterns! This stitch is simple, yet effective.

Chained feather stitch

Challenge your skills and create a great zigzag pattern with a chain feather stitch.

Cable stitch

This outline stitch is great for both straight or curved designs.

Fern stitch

This a great one for those stitched forest scenes and floral borders!

Herringbone stitch

Sometimes also called mossoul stitch, this stitch is perfect for creating a decorative border or edging.


For couching, you’ll need 2 threads. It’s a unique surface addition to your needlepoint project, perfect for adding different colors and textures.

Blanket stitch

Originally used to stitch the edge of blankets in sewing, you can now add some nice waves to your embroidery pattern.

Cable chain stitch

Create a necklace-like chain of stitches for gorgeous border.

Chevron stitch

A Chevron stitch may involve a few steps, but it’s a diverse technique that is perfect to stitch along a curved edge.

Scroll stitch

Create elegant borders with this decorative stitch.

Advanced embroidery stitches

So you've got the basics down, now it's time to level up and learn some trickier stitches!

So you've learnt the stitches, what next?