The best 18 FREE cross-stitch patterns

Did someone say free patterns? Wahoo! This collection of 18 free cross-stitch patterns will keep you entertained at least for a little while, delightful stitch fiends!

Animal cross-stitch patterns

Do you need to add some life to your cross-stitch? These delightful animal motifs are the perfect thing to do just that!

1. Bumble Bee

We all love a bumble bee, so why not add one into your cross-stitch? This bee will look great on a tote, a shirt, pretty much everywhere. Let's face, bees are amazing.

2. Flamingo

Ready to add some gorgeous Flamingo flair to your cross-stitch? This pretty in pink pattern is the one for you!

3. Llama

If llamas are a favourite animal of yours, like they are for us, then cross-stitch one into your life.

4. Black Cat

Getting your halloween cross-stitch plans in order? Add this spooky black cat to your list!

5. Parrot

This parrot pattern is a great way to inject some fun and colour into your cross-stitch!

6. Butterfly

Sometimes a jacket or a bag just need a little something to make them shine. Cross-stitch a butterfly onto your clothes and bring your favourite craft with you everywhere!

Nature cross-stitch patterns

Flowers and leaves could be the most popular things to cross-stitch. Add one of mother nature's best bits to your makes!

1. Ancient Floral Borders

A floral border is always a good idea. Take your pick of borders with this versatile pattern!

2. Viva La Vida

This Frida Kahlo inspired floral is a gorgeous motif that would be perfect on a cushion to add some colour and joy to your home!

3. Amelie Floral

The Amelie Floral pattern is the perfect, delicate floral wreath. You'll love stitching this one!

4. Love Rose

If you haven't already added a rose to your repertoire, then now's the time! The Love Rose pattern is a perfect example of a cross-stitch rose.

5. Half Moon

If you're into the sun and stars more than you are into the birds and bees, then this half moon cross-stitch pattern is just waiting for you to make it.

6. Folk Ditsy Flower

Beautiful wild flowers are a joy to cross stitch. These ones are no exception.

Baby cross-stitch patterns

Add a personal touch to all of your baby items for your own little one, or make something special for a friend.

1. Baby Bib and Bottle Warmer

How cute will your baby look in this cross-stitch cow bib? With the accompanying bee motif bottle warmer, you and your little one will be set for every lovely outing.

2. Cute Pink Bee Bib Bath Towel with Hood

Want to add to the fun of bath time? This spring themed towel is the perfect way to do just that!

3. Baby Bib with Giraffe

An adorable cross-stitched giraffe will add so much sweetness to your baby's meals. This also makes a perfect little gift!

4. Little Pony Drawstring Bag

Do you have a drawstring bag for your baby essentials? Add a gorgeous pony cross-stitch motif to make it extra special.

5. Little Pony Changing Mat

This little pony cross stitch motif is so charming, you and your little one will forget the woes of changing time in a flash.

6. Bunny Hanging Nappy Stacker

For the bunny fans, this pattern is a lovely way to jazz up that plain nappy stacker in your nursery.