The advocates of mindfulness

Published on 10 January 2020 2 min read

At LoveCrafts we understand the importance of slowing down in today’s hectic world. For us, making and mindfulness go hand-in-hand. Whether we’re stitching away stress, combating nerves with needlecraft or baking to banish bothersome thoughts - making helps us find pockets of calm, and quiet the buzz in our brains.

Knitting is my escape. So calming to get into a zone and follow a pattern. - Kim, a maker from Instagram

Studies show that repetitive hand movements - stitch after stitch, row after row, fold after fold - lead to more serotonin and dopamine (hello happier, sunnier thoughts). But we know that making is much more than just chemistry. Mindful crafting helps us connect with ourselves, to find family and friendship in a wonderful community of makers just like us. Mindful crafting helps us feel more connected in a busy world that keeps on spinning.

We want you to learn new things, let the little mistakes go, and bask in the magic of making every day. As we like to say, “Together, we make.”

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If you are struggling with mental health issues and need help, please consider reaching out to an organisation who can offer support and guidance.

Dream in every colour of the rainbow

Repeat after me...

Row after row

Stitch after stitch

Soothe your soul

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