Ready to launch into the world of crochet? We're here to guide you through all the essential crochet stitches to get you started. So pick up your yarn and hook, and let's get making!

Chain stitch

Itching to start on that epic crochet pattern? First stitch first! The chain stitch commonly known as the foundation chain is where it all begins. Whether you are starting a row or crocheting in the round, nailing the chain stitch is the key to unlocking your next craft creation.

Learn to chain stitch with this handy video!

Slip stitch

The slip stitch is a basic but foundational technique that will serve you loyally throughout your crochet craftwork. Whether it’s completing a round, fastening off your yarn, joining two pieces of fabric together or moving within a pattern, the slip stitch is the ninja move well worth mastering on your yarn adventures.

Ready, steady, stitch! Master the slip stitch with our easy-peasy video tutorial.

Double crochet stitch

The UK double crochet, also known as the single crochet in the US, is the little stitch loved dearly by designers and makers. Making its appearance on most crochet patterns, the double crochet creates dense, tight fabric that can be used for a multitude of creative crafts and ace accessories!

Want to join in on the fun! Learn to crochet the double crochet by watching our video tutorial.

Half treble crochet stitch

The half treble crochet is an essential medium height stitch adored by beginners and seasoned crocheters alike. In the US, this is called the half double, so be sure to treble check your pattern!

Learn to crochet the half treble today by watching our super easy video tutorial!

Treble crochet stitch

Learn the treble crochet get ready to take your crochet to another level! The treble crochet is twice the height of the half treble crochet and a complementary companion to other stitches in your pattern.

Want to give it a whirl? Triumph the treble by watching our trusty video tutorial.

Double treble crochet stitch

The double treble stitch is one of the final principle stitches to learn in our series. Also known in the US as the treble crochet, the double treble a tall stitch that creates cool loose fabric that’s quick to build up. Perfect for breezy shawls and light throws!

Work that double treble! Our step-by-step video tutorial is here to guide the way.

Waffle stitch

This beautiful stitch takes its name from the beautiful 'waffle’ texture that appears when it's teamed with other stitches. This stitch creates a dense and cosy fabric that’s wonderful to use on homeware and accessories.

Ready to master the waffle stitch? Take a look at our handy video tutorial and we'll take you through the steps!

Star stitch

The star stitch creates a thick cosy fabric, perfect for making sturdy baskets or snuggly afghans!

Learn how to star stitch today with Hopeful Honey in her easy step-by-step video tutorial!

Front post treble stitch

Learning how to crochet the front post treble stitch has never been easier! Head over to our video tutorial now for a step-by-step guide.

Back post treble crochet stitch (bpdc)

Add the back post treble crochet stitch to your repertoire and take your crochet skills to the next level! Why not try out the back post treble crochet stitch for yourself by visiting our handy video tutorial?

Triple treble crochet

Learn to crochet the triple treble crochet by checking our our video tutorial. Perfect for beginners or if you just fancy brushing up on your skills.

V stitch

A decorative stitch, the V stitch is a brilliant technique that uses treble crochet stitches and chains. Use when crocheting homeware, blankets and cushions, in your favourite yarn.

Want to learn how to crochet the gorgeous V stitch? Our video tutorial will show you how!

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