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Published on 8 April 2020 By Sarah Jones 3 min read

Could you be our next Star Maker of the Month?

At LoveCrafts, we love championing craft bloggers across the craftiverse! Craft blogging is about making and sharing beautiful creations with the world. But it’s more than that. It creates a platform for individuals to teach, encourage and inspire others to make as well. Whether it's written by, a passionate maker or a full-time blogger, each post tells a unique story that connects us to other makers around the world. 

What is Star Maker of the Month?

Star Maker of the Month is an opportunity for craft bloggers to tell us a bit about themselves. We want to hear the funny anecdotes, inspiring stories and heart-warming tales that make you who you are as a maker. It doesn't matter if your blog is big or small; if you post often or every time the making bug gets you; if your blog is a side business or a personal diary. Star Maker of the Month aims to highlight the personal stories and crafting journeys from across the web, regardless of blog size, audience reach or statistics. We want to give every craft blogger a fair chance, so this is a competition that is all about you, and only you.

How do I become Star Maker of the Month?

Each month we'll provide 3 themed questions or prompts for you to think about. To enter, all you have to do is:

  1. Write a fabulous blog post inspired by the monthly prompt (it's up to you whether you'd prefer to directly answer the questions or simply take inspiration from the prompt).
  2. Include #TogetherWeMake and a link to in the text of your blog post, so we can find your entry when searching the web.

What can I win?

Each month, the winning entry will receive:

  • £50/$50/€50 gift voucher
  • A feature in the LoveCrafts email newsletter
  • A shoutout on our Instagram channel
  • A feature on the Star Maker of the Month page
  • A beautiful badge to proudly display on your blog

Read the terms and conditions.

Question prompts: April 2020

This month sees the start of spring in the UK - the perfect time to clear out your stash, organise your supplies and make way for new stock and maybe even picking up a new craft!

1. How do you organise your craft supplies? Give us a tour of your stash!

2. What other craft have you always wanted to try and haven't had time to yet?

3. If you were introducing your craft to a newbie, what advice would you give them?

Pro Tip

You can answer the questions directly, or use it as a prompt to get creative and let your imagination run wild!

Inspiration that warms our hearts

The idea for the Star Maker of the Month challenge wasn't concocted in a laboratory, grown from a magic bean or picked out of thin air - it was inspired by you, our wonderful community of makers. The magic elves behind LoveCrafts have had the pleasure of reading hundreds of blogs from across the internet, both as part of our work and in our spare time. Your wonderful stories have made us laugh and cry countless times, as well as taught us all-important knitting tips, embroidery stitches & crochet manoeuvres. Here are a few examples of blogs that have warmed our hearts and truly inspired us.

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