Multi-channel marketing: how to make social media work for you

Picture this: you open Instagram, scroll through a few pictures, get bored, switch to Facebook, scroll a bit, switch to your favorite blog, and so on. Sounds like a pretty standard routine, right? Well, your customers are doing the exact same thing! 

We might only spend a few minutes at a time on each social media platform, and that’s why it’s super important to be active on multiple channels. Social media algorithms can be unpredictable and unforgiving, so increasing your visibility is critical if you’re going to reach customers. 

Fancy yourself as a master marketer? There are some tiny tweaks you can make to your marketing plan that are guaranteed to make a massive difference. 

Here are our top tips to help you make the most of all the most important social media channels.

Elevate your Instagram

A well-crafted Instagram post has the potential to drive sales and create a loyal and super active community. But how do you get it right? 

Don’t be modest

Got a new post? Shout out about it in your stories! Some people love to scroll and others love to tap through stories. If the algorithms are being tricky, or if someone is following a lot of people, sharing a new post to your stories can help direct more people to see what’s new. 

Work together with other makers 

The maker community is amazing, and there are loads of makers out there with gorgeous content. Working with other designers and creators who you respect is a great way to lift each other up. This could mean sharing patterns, commenting on each other’s posts, reposting each other’s content, or even making each other’s designs and giving them a shoutout! Set up a group chat where you let each other know where you need a boost or how you’re able to offer support. 

Build buzz

It’s not enough to just share a finished design and expect all of your followers to see it. If someone is following thousands of people, they may only see a small fraction of each day’s posts – and that’s before algorithms get in the way! Share your project’s progress the way to increase the likelihood of your followers seeing your latest and greatest!

Turn customers into cheerleaders

This tip is really two in one. You need to be upfront and honest with your audience.], running a creative business is hard and their support is essential for you to succeed! Tell them how much you value them and their support, how it helps your business survive and thrive. But you also need to let them know how they can help you! Let them know that their likes, comments, and shares make a tangible difference to your business and your spirits.

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Make the most of Facebook

Facebook’s popularity wavers from time to time, but it’s still a key platform for your business to be active and visible. People use Facebook to stay connected to the people and places they love, and utilising this perspective can make Facebook especially valuable for your creative business! 

Build your own community

One of the best ways to connect to your community is to create a Facebook group for all of your fans, customers and supporters. A community that is a curated and supportive space for sharing and cheering each other on can be invaluable for attracting and retaining customers. 

Why not try creating a weekly prompts schedule to get people involved and engaged with your content? For example, many groups do ‘Maker Mondays’, where everyone shares what they’re working on using your pattern or product. The point is to get people excited about, and invested in, you and your work. 

Study up! 

Facebook has many avenues for sharing your business and attracting new folks, but paid advertising is bound to feel a bit daunting! Luckily, Facebook also has loads of information to help you suss out the best strategies for your particular goals. Check out Facebook’s own education guides so you can make informed choices and maximize their potential return!

Pay a little, get a lot

When it comes to Facebook ads, you may be surprised by how far a little investment can go. By spending a few dollars on a Facebook ad, you can not only reach new people but you also get key analytical insights that you can use to tweak your messaging and targeting. Set a small monthly advertising budget and use it not only to gather more customers, but also to test out and evaluate different marketing ideas.

Master the art of email 

Emails are worth their (figurative) weight in gold amongst marketing mavens, but even a small business can benefit from keeping up with their email list! Pressing that send button to dozens, or maybe even hundreds (or thousands!) of people can be intimidating, but with these simple tricks you can send with confidence and style. 

Start off on the right foot

When you meet someone new, it’s polite to introduce yourself. Well, the same is true for customers! Starting off by thanking them, introducing them to your brand and letting them know what they can expect from you. This can lay the foundation for a great long-term relationship. Marketers call this process “onboarding” and a short 1-3 email series over the course of 1-4 weeks can make a big impact. You could also let them know how many emails they can expect from you – every week? Once a month? Only when there’s a sale? Be honest and stick to it! Tell them what your business values are. Ask them to follow you on your social channels (provide links!) and invite them to check out your website. 

Get personal 

Personalizing emails is important, but it is a two way street. Yes, integrate people’s names into the subject line or email content if you can, but also tell them what’s new with you and your work, and what’s inspiring you or even challenging you lately. Ask people to write back to you with anything from feedback on your emails, to book recommendations! Getting personal is all about building connections, so figure out what kinds of connections speak to your brand and your goals, and incorporate that into all of your communications. 

Own your style

Everyone is inundated with emails these days, so putting your personal and unique spin on your communications can help you stand out from the crowd. Have a sense of humor and catch people's attention with whatever it is that makes you special. Are you a cheery person? Edgy? Warm? Let it shine through! Make sure that everything from your subject lines, to your photography feel true to who you are. This will go much further in getting your emails opened than any kind of formula or template.

Up your blog game

Make it easy to keep up

One of the easiest ways to do this is, if you’re a WordPress user, is to automatically email subscribers whenever there is a new post. This can be automated through Mailchimp or a plugin. But if you’re not a Wordpress user, or if you’re hesitant to email folks, you can give your new posts a shoutout on your other social media channels!

Share the spotlight

Just like with Instagram, a great way to reach new people or give your regular readers something exciting to enjoy, is to collaborate with other bloggers. This could be anything from hosting a guest post, interviewing someone interesting, hosting someone else’s pattern (and vice versa), or coordinating a giveaway together.

Add value

Before you sit down to write a post, think about it critically and ask yourself if this post will add value to your readers’ lives. If not, how can it be adjusted so it will? This might mean tying in exclusive or helpful information such as how-tos, recipes, or useful templates and guides. It’s ok to do something that has been done before, but making sure each post has value in and of itself can keep people coming back. A great example of this is the Sister Mountain blog, check out her post on how to use Google Docs for pattern layouts! Or have a look at BHooked’s easy scarf tutorial. She’s taken something that can be found on other sites too, but has added her own personal advice and aesthetic to it. Asking this question might mean that you post a little less, but with higher-value posts you’re more likely to keep your audience engaged.

You may have noticed a few themes throughout this article, like the importance of openness, collaboration and consistency. With a little strategy, a pinch of personality, and a spark of joy you can keep your supporters enthusiastic and grow your business through their engagement.