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Our round-up of fantastic free flower crochet patterns is sure to put a spring in your step! From sunshine yellow daffodils to perfect purple pansies, we've got a whole garden of crochet flower patterns for you to make. If you're a beginner maker, check out our how to crochet a flower video to get started!

Delightful crochet daffodils

Nothing says spring quite like daffodils starting to emerge from their winter slumber. These crocheted bright yellow blooms would make a fantastic crochet Mother's Day present.

Beautiful crochet bluebells

These bright and beautiful bluebells are as much of a joy to make as they are to receive as a gift!

Amazing crochet anemones

What could be prettier than a bunch of anemones in full bloom? This crochet pattern pays homage to this beautiful bloom, with large curved petals and intricate detailing.

Easy crochet roses

There's nothing quite as sweet as receiving roses, and these crocheted versions are sure to go down a treat!

Cheerful crochet cherry blossom

It might not be the flower that comes to mind when you think of spring, but stunning pink cherry blossom is a bloom so brilliant we couldn't miss it off our round-up.

Delightful crochet daisy patterns

Daisies bring back fond memories of making chains on the playground; and these crocheted versions are packed with nostalgia. They make the perfect gift for a special friend.

Perfect pansy crochet patterns

Pansies are the most cheerful of flower! Make a bunch of these as a gift, picking the colours based on your recipient's favourites!

Lovely lavender crochet patterns

The only thing this crochet pattern is missing is the gorgeous smell of fresh cut lavendar!

More fantastic free flower crochet patterns

Why crochet one type of flower when you can crochet them all? These fabulous free patterns will help you to crochet heaps of beautiful blooms for any occasion!

Free crochet flower granny square patterns