If you're searching for a fresh take on festive makes, this citrussy Christmas embroidery by Hope and Hart is the perfect project for you! Oranges, candy canes, mistletoe, baubles and snowflakes come together to create this eccentric embroidery, ideal for Christmas gifting or hanging up in the hoop in your own home!


How to make a fabulous festive embroidery


If you're going to back your hoop with felt, trace around the outside of the internal hoop and put to one side. This will be your template for your backing.


Prepare the 7in embroidery hoop and transfer your template onto the fabric using the erasable Pen.


Start with the snowflakes. Use two strands of Paper White (3) working split stitch along the long main branches and along the shorter side branches.


Move onto the candy canes. Depending on the area you’re working on, work two strands of Deep Rose (40) or Paper White (3) in satin stitch.


Next onto the clementines. Starting with the peel, work chain stitch in four strands of Blood Orange (101).


Moving onto the segments, using two strands of Blood Orange (101) work split stitch until the area is filled. For the segment walls, using three strands of Chalk (173) work split stitch in the centre of the clementine, once complete fill the remaining area with three strands of Honeydew (51) 


For the mistletoe leaves work satin stitch using two strands of Oregano (14) and working your way around the leaves. The stems are made using two strands of Orchard (81) working split stitch along the stem and halfway up the centre of each leaf. For the berries work six strands of Chalk (173) using French knots. Fill the area.


Lastly move onto the decoration. Starting with three strands of Lavender Fields (67), work split stitch following the template lines for the direction. Once finished use three strands of Grape (145) for the two remaining sections.


For the decorations topper work satin stitch in a horizontal direction using two strands of Wooly Brown (72) for the larger area and stitch vertically for the smaller area. For the circle at the top, work split stitch using two strands of thread.

Pro Tip

For more definition around the decorations and candy canes, use one strand of Pure Black working back stitch to outline your shapes.


Trim off any excess fabric around the hoop, leaving around 2cm. Using your cotton thread, use the running stitch method to gather all the fabric at the back of the embroidery hoop and tie off.


Cut out your felt backing and secure the felt in place using blanket stitch.

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