How to create a zesty citrus embroidery

Published on 6 June 2022 2 min read

Summer is just around the corner and if you're searching for a zingy project to get you in the spirit of the new season, we've got the perfect make for you. This brilliantly bright citrus fruit embroidery is a great challenge for newbies to embroider – with an easy combo of stem stitch, split stitch and fishbone stitch for you to try. Here, Jenni Davis from Hope & Hart shows you how to make a fabulously fruity citrus embroidery, step by step!


Download the Free Template

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If you're going to back your hoop with felt, trace around the outside of the internal hoop and put to one side. This will be your template for your backing.


Prepare your 15cm embroidery hoop and transfer your template onto the fabric using the heat erasable pen.


Starting with the lemons. Work 3 strands of Mustard Yellow (11) in split stitch for the peel. Next, use split stitch in 2 strands of Sunshine Yellow (7) to embroider the lemon segments, starting from the outline working your way to the centre until they have been filled. Fill in the remaining areas of the lemon in 2 strands of Buttermilk (157), working split stitch.

Pro Tip

Working smaller stitches will help prevent the blue fabric from being seen in between your stitches.


Time to move onto the oranges! Work 3 strands of Clementine (23) in split stitch for the peel. Then, work satin stitch using 2 strands of Orange Cream (88) to embroider the orange segments. Fill in the remaining area of the Orange using 2 strands of Honeydew (51) working split stitch.


Next up is the grapefruits. Work 3 strands of Mustard Yellow (11) in split stitch for the peel. Move onto the segments, using 2 strands of Pink Lemonade (115) working satin stitch. Once complete, fill in the remaining area of the Grapefruit using 2 strands of Buttermilk (157) working split stitch.


Using 3 strands of Chocolate Frosting (56), work stem stitch along the branches.


Fill the leaves with all 6 strands of floss using fishbone stitch in Watercress (17), Dill Green (19) or Lime (61), referring to the colour guide for placement.


Lastly, fill in your tiny oranges on the branch using 2 strands of Clementine (23), working split stitch. Start from the outline working your way round to the centre.


To remove your template, run a warm hairdryer over it. Repeat until all the lines have been removed.


Trim off any excess fabric around the hoop, leaving around 2cm. Using your cotton thread, use running stitch to gather all the fabric at the back of the embroidery hoop and tie off.


Cut out your felt backing and secure it in place using blanket stitch.

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