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    Learn tapestry crochet by LoveCrafts

    Monogram your cushions!

    Chloe Bailey's alphabet cushions are perfect gifts to make ahead! Learn how with our photo tutorial.

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    Timeless and elegant... by LoveCrafts

    Rowan model blue cardigan

    Discover Rowan!

    We love Rowan for its classic, but up to the moment fashion knits - you'll love the new Mode collection!

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    Learn C2C by LoveCrafts

    crochet blanket

    The Carnaby Blanket by Emma Leith!

    Learn to make this vibrant blanket with Emma Leith's video tutorials using the corner to corner technique in the round!

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    Do you dare join in? by LoveCrafts

    witches hat and yarn

    It's a spooky MCAL!

    All through October, join Airali Design and Irene Strange for a scary School of Magic mystery crochetalong that'll give you the shivers!

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    Dropped a stitch? by LoveCrafts

    hands knitting

    Frogging? Tinking? How to fix mistakes in knitting!

    We'll show you how to fix your knitting mistakes in our easy-to-follow video tutorial.

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    Who is H P Lovecraft? by LoveCrafts

    LoveCrafts and H P LoveCraft? Don't get them confused!

    Here are 7 reasons LoveCrafts is definitely not H P Lovecraft!

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    Chewy, delicious pretzels by LoveCrafts

    crochet pretzel

    It's Bread Week on Bake Off!

    Crochet up a batch of delicious pretzels with Chloe Bailey's free pattern

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    No more seaming! by LoveCrafts

    Hands knitting in the round

    Learn to knit in the round...

    What is knitting in the round? Read all about it and learn with our tutorial video.

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    Make the Carnaby Blanket! by LoveCrafts

    Learn C2C in the round!

    Learn C2C in the round with Emma Leith!

    Join Emma Leith to make the colourful Carnaby blanket using C2C in the round!

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    Get featured! by LoveCrafts

    Two crafters talking

    Get featured and inspire other makers!

    Share your stories and projects for other makers to read!

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