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Zombie viXen

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Zombie viXen
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Now with matchy-matchy ribbing to cable transition and nicely tapered thumb! ☺ ENJOY ☺

For smaller hands, you may want to go down a needle size or two for a better fit.


***Ridding the earth of flesh eating zombies is hard work. Day to day survival and staying one step ahead of those rotting flesh bags can prove to be challenging to say the least. Here’s a fun and interesting cabled mitt to keep your hands warm and your fingers free for shooting a crossbow, welding the katana or firing your shotgun. Knit with Bohemia Fibers, Bohemian Barefoot in the zombie camouflage color way Walker, they’ll never see you coming! Cable-work detail that resembles a sutured wound, will have you fooling those brainless, shuffling geeks in no time!
Am I one of the undead?! Don’t think so sucker...Splat! An arrow right between the eyes and that infected moron didn’t even know what hit‘um. Rock that crossbow Daryl Dixon style!
So go kn

Susan Claudino
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