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The Dome of Isolation


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Cats love a small, dark spot to cozy up in and nap for most of the day. As soon as I adopted my cats, I knew I wanted to make a dome for them to hide out in. I made one prototype, but it kept caving in on itself. This new and improved dome is created with a very tight gauge so that it is able to stand up on its own. Because of the stiffness, make sure you give your wrists a break every now and again while you’re crocheting! They will get very tired. To give the dome even more stabilization, you’ll be lining pipe cleaners along the edges of the entrance, and crocheting over them. If you find that your dome is collapsing too much or your cats keep sitting on top of it (like mine have done!), you can further stabilize it by lining the inside with cardboard or weaving more pipe cleaners throughout the sides. As soon as I finished, my cat jumped right in and all you could see was his eyes peering out from the darkness. I hope your cat jumps right in, too. Happy crocheting!

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Pipe cleaners and/or cardboard for stabilization
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