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Nemesis Knapsack vs Hero's Half-Shell

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Nemesis Knapsack vs Hero's Half-Shell
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Product Details

The prototype of the Nemesis Knapsack was a request by my gamer son. As a gamer myself, I appreciate the awesomeness of geeky knits. Existing turtle or turtle-esque bags weren’t close enough to satisfy my perfectionism so I began creating my own. I used a mixture of knitting, crocheting and sewing in this pattern, using each technique’s strength. In this final version I included felting as well. For versatility, and because I myself am a ninja fan, I have added a Hero variation. Want more? How about removable spikes so you can geek-out whichever way you like?! Then there’s the headgear… Bwhahahaha!

I have included many video links to help you through techniques you may need to brush up on. Detailed color photos are in a separate file so you can choose not to print them out and save ink.

Note: While fairly sturdy, this backpack may not hold up to heavy loads. Use traditional canvas or leather bags for those loads.

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Knitting, Crochet
Rachel Sanchez
Downloadable PDF
2 1/2 y 1” wide black canvas straps 1 package (of 2) 1” black strap adjusters 1 pkg pronged studs, sliver square pyramid (optional)
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