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Knit Face Mask

Downloadable PDF, English
Knit Face Mask
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Product Details

I gotta start by saying, this mask will NOT protect you from any viruses or microbes. The weave is just too loose to stop anything microscopic from coming in or out. That being said, it does have some positive qualities when it comes to the current coronavirus pandemic. This mask can discourage you from touching your face. It can help contain water droplets from your nose and mouth so you are less likely to spread the virus out as far as you would from coughing or sneezing without one. This mask can also help prolong the use of medical grade masks when used as a barrier. Please refer to the CDC for updated info on mask use in regards to COVID-19.

With that considered, this is a quick, fun knitting project with some unique features. This pattern casts stitches onto elastic hair ties! It also uses slanted increases and a 3 needle bindoff, ooo fun!

Michelle Greenberg
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Downloadable PDF
You'll need two, thick, elastic hair ties and a 3rd needle in the same size for the 3 needle bind-off.
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