In Pursuit of an Illusion Afghan

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By Pat A
In Pursuit of an Illusion Afghan
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Curve of Pursuit has been our most popular design for many years. Now we have In Pursuit of an Illusion which is a shadow knit version based on the same mathematical concept as the original. Some people say they see squares in the original Curve of Pursuit; others see four curved sections. In Pursuit of an Illusion combines these so you can see both by looking from a different angle. This pattern includes two versions. One makes the squares most obvious, when looking from an angle, the other shows the swirls first. It can be made in any yarn, using a minimum of four colours (two for the background and two for the foreground). The afghans shown in the photos are about one metre square. The pattern has instructions for making them much bigger. You can make any size you want by continuing to add more wedges. You can use any yarn.
Woolly Thoughts
Downloadable PDF
You can use any weight of yarbn. Choose needles appropriate to your yarn.
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