How to triple treble crochet

Published on 7 May 2020 1 min read

Looking for a lofty stitch to crochet lovely loose lace, statement vests, breezy summer shawls or jazz up your granny squares? The triple treble crochet (ttr), known in the US as the double treble (dtr), produces a gorgeous lightweight fabric that you'll just love to add to your crochet stitch kit.

The triple treble begins with yarn over your hook three times before you start. Your turning chain is 5 chains in height. If you're on the hunt for a stitch taller than the double treble crochet, the triple treble is the next stitch up!

Learn how to triple treble


Yarn over 3 times.


Insert your hook into next stitch.


Yarn over, pull through stitch. You'll now have 5 loops on your hook!


Yarn over, pull through 2 loops. You'll now have 4 loops on your hook.


Yo, pull through 2 loops. You'll now have 3 loops on your hook.


Yo, pull through two. You'll now have two loops on your hook.


Yo, one last time and pull through the last two loops on your hook.

Make these fab patterns using the triple treble crochet

Rainbow of Hearts Blanket

Rainbow of Hearts Blanket

By Sew Sew Baby
Tilda Shawl

Tilda Shawl

By Linda Skuja

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