Severe droughts and record-breaking temperatures have caused devastating fires to spread through Australia, burning millions of acres of land with more than half a billion wild animals thought to have already died. Our hearts go out to our makers affected and it’s times like these when the making community comes together to support in any way we can. There are so many incredible ways you - our community of makers - have helped the crisis already, and for that, we’re reminded of just how amazing you are.

Looking to help? We’ve compiled a list of the things you can knit, crochet and sew in aid of the Australian bushfires, and where you can send them. We’re donating money to both the Animal Rescue Craft Guild, who have a library of patterns of the most required items and the Australian Red Cross. If you would like to share any useful links or other ways our community can help - please let us know on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to share.

Thank you to Scrappy Stitch for the How To Sew A Hanging Kangaroo Or Wallaby Pouch video.

Support the amazing work of the Animal Rescue Craft Guild

Join The Rescue Collective, Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) and Animal Rescue Craft Guild, by making craft items that can help animals in need.

Australian fires what to knit, sew, crochet

What you can make in support

The Animal Rescue Craft Guild has a list of patterns to use to make for animals in need.

Sewers: Joey pouches, hanging joey pouches, bat wraps, quilts and blankets. No hand-sewn items.

Crocheters: Birds nests, blankets, joey pouch outers, animal jumpers.

Knitters: Blankets, joey pouch outers, animal jumpers.

Please note, only use patterns and materials recommended by the ARCG - injured animals need natural fibers. Please see ARCG's list of what fabric for what project here, and what yarn for what project here.

Tutorials to help you make the items

Image credit: Rachel Hunt‎ Animal Rescue Craft Guild- UK Division

Where to send items to

For Australians or those visiting, find your local hub.

Sending items from overseas? Please send directly to:



26 Cadell Ave




Support a charity directly

LoveCrafts is making a charity donation to support the rescue efforts and help those affected by the fires. If you are able to make a contribution yourself please find some links below.

Animal Rescue Craft Guild gratefully welcome donations to cover supplies and postage costs.

Help the Australian Red Cross support thousands of people in evacuation centres and recovery hubs across Australia.