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Knitting in green - from deep forest to emerald and jade

Mint, forest, pistachio, Kelly green, moss, apple, verdigris, emerald, lime, racing green, pine, bottle green, bright green, celadon, jade, rainforest, malachite, avocado, fern, sage, olive, sea foam, Chartreuse, shamrock, olive, hunter, jungle, laurel, eau de nil, pea, leaf, spring

Green is the colour of nature. It symbolises life, growth, spring, regrowth and rebirth. When we think of greens, they are usually the shades of plants, of leaves, of herbs, and green is the colour of goodness for the planet and for health. We talk about ‘going green’ when we want to clean up the planet, or when we want to improve our own health.

Green means go, and as humans we are programmed to find green soothing, cooling and healing, but it is not always associated with positivity: we can be ‘green with envy’ or ‘greensick’ with love or disappointment.

Choose a bright and zesty green and you will be uplifted and full of verve - choose a quieter, muted green if you'd prefer to feel camouflaged.

How to wear green

Green is a colour that sweeps in and out of fashion with the seasons - deep forest and hunter greens for the winter and autumn months, bright limes and mints for summer when we want to feel cool and fresh.

Combine green with your skin tone: skin tone is either warm, cool or neutral (test this by looking at the inside of your wrist - if the veins appear blue or purple you have cool skin, if they appear green, you have warm skin - and if they appear neither one or the other, you have neutral skin.)

Warm and neutral skin tones suit green shades best. If you have warm skin tones, you will look wonderful in olives, bottle greens and moss and neutral skin tones are fabulous with blue based greens.

On the wheel of colour, green sits between blue and yellow, and opposite orange. It works fabulously next to yellow and blue - and wonderfully well with purples, too. Green works well as part of a Fair Isle colour scheme, so you can weave in splashes of green to any repeating motif.

Our favourite green yarns

Our favourite patterns for green