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When it comes to Christmas jumpers, the bolder the better! From the brilliantly bright to the fantastically tacky – here’s our round up of DIY Christmas jumper ideas, guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face! 

Some of these designs might look understated, but there’s nothing a few pom-poms and some glittery yarn can’t make garishly Christmassy! Fill your stash with an array of garish decorations and get set to turn even the most sophisticated jumper into something fun! 

DIY Christmas jumpers for adults

Whether you're heading to a Christmas party, having a Christmas jumper day in the office or just want to put a smile on everyone's face – these jumpers are sure to do the trick!

Can't decide on a design?

We love this interchangeable motif Christmas jumper by Paintbox.

DIY Christmas jumpers for kids

Fun-loving kids will adore these hilarious jumpers – perfect for festive non-uniform days at school!

DIY Christmas jumpers for the whole family

Want to make jumpers for the whole family? These patterns come with sizing options for both adults and kids. Turn up to Christmas parties in matching jumpers and you’ll have everyone in stitches!

Don’t forget the pets!

Are your pets part of the family? Get them in on the Christmassy fun and make them a festive outfit of their own.

Add amazing applique to shop-bought jumpers

If you're stuck for time but still want to create a festive jumper with a handmade twist, knock up a few of these little applique patterns and sew them on to an existing jumper.

Accessories to jazz up your jumpers! 

Not sure where to start? If you’re a beginner when it comes to making your own garments, you can use this how to knit a jumper guide to show you the ropes!