Dreaming of a crocheted Christmas? It's never too early or too late to get started! Whether you're the sort of crafter who starts on their handmade Christmas gifts in January or you're more of a last-minute maker, we've got Christmas crochet patterns for you – from super speedy decorations to ornate stockings.

Crochet Christmas ornaments

Whether you hang them on your Christmas tree or use them to decorate your whole home, these handmade Christmas ornaments are guaranteed to bring festive joy year after year.

Crochet Christmas decorations

There might be Christmas decorations in every shop at Christmastime, but nothing compares to the pleasure that homemade Christmas decorations bring! Not only are they a joy to make for yourself, they also make the perfect handmade gift.

Crochet Christmas stocking

Christmas stockings might be one of our favourite things about Christmas! If you’ve always wanted to create your own stocking, then we have some fabulous crochet Christmas stocking patterns for you to try your hand at.

Crochet Christmas trees

If one Christmas tree in your home isn’t enough for your perfect Christmas, or if you don't have room for a real tree, then these cute Christmas trees are guaranteed to please!

Crochet Christmas gifts

Nothing captures the joy of Christmas quite like handing over a gift that's been lovingly handmade. Your loved ones are sure to adore these brilliant crochet Christmas presents!

Christmas tree skirts

You might think that the angel on top of the tree is the perfect finishing touch, but it's actually a handmade crochet Christmas tree skirt! You'll look forward to getting these designs out of storage year after year.