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The Lace Sock Collection E-Book

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The Lace Sock Collection includes 4 delightfully intricate sock patterns to keep even the most advanced sock-knitter interested. The PDF includes two versions of each pattern - one with Cuff-Down instructions, one with Toe-Up Instructions so simply print off whichever version you prefer.

Each of the four lace patterns are charted and fully written out. Each of the lace patterns is very stretchy but sock-junkies will like to know that they all have a Cast-on (Bind off for toe-up) of 64 Stitches.

Each pattern is also available on LoveKnitting individually: Main Image from Left to Right: Annabel Lace Socks, Chloe Lace Socks, Lydia Lace Socks and Tilly Lace Socks. Please refer to individual listings fro more images and details.

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