We're sorry we have had to restrict customers purchasing some goods for delivery to certain countries. Don’t worry we’re here to help!

Why have certain items been restricted?

To prevent your disappointment when receiving your order, we have had restrict the sale of certain items. There are several reasons we may have done this, please see some of them below:

  • Electrical Goods – The items you are buying do not have the correct plug or voltage to be sold in your region
  • Food items – There is a restriction stopping us sending this food item to your location
  • Licensed product – We do not have the license rights to sell these items to your region
  • Your order is over €150 – Since 1 January 2021, following the Brexit transition, customers purchasing goods for delivery to countries in the European Union will be liable for extra charges. Please see more info here

When will I be able to buy these products from LoveCrafts?

Unfortunately right now we don’t have the option to sell these items to you. We are hoping to review this at a later date, to make this possible!