How to make this must-have macrame wall hanging for your home

Published on 8 February 2021 By Isabella Strambio 2 min read

Add a pop of colour to your home with a boho macrame wall hanging. Pick your favourite colour combo and with just two knots you can make a gorgeous macrame piece to revamp your interiors.

This free tutorial is ideal for beginners and macrame lovers.

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Prepping your macrame rope


Cut the natural string:

4 x 50cm

4 x 60cm

4 x 70cm

4 x 80cm

4 x 90cm

2 x 100cm


Cut in colour 1 (Orange)

2 x 130cm

2 x 180cm

2 x 240cm


Cut in colour 2 (Grey)

2 x 150cm

2 x 200cm

1 x 250cm

How to make your macrame wall hanging


Tie 2 x 100cm in the middle of the wooden dowel with a Lark's Head Knot


Next tie 4 x 90cm, 2 on each side of the previews strings with a Lark's Head Knot


Step 3

Repeat step #2 with 4 x 80cm, 4 x 70cm, 4 x 60cm and 4 x 50cm


Fix the wooden dowel on a flat surface with masking tape


Take 1 x 130cm orange string, tie a Square Knot.


Step 6

Tie 5 more Square Knots to make a sinnet of 6 Square Knots in total.


Step 7

Take 1 x 150cm grey string, tie a sinnet of 10 Square Knots


Step 8

Take 1 x 180cm orange string, tie a sinnet of 14 Square Knots


Take 1 x 200cm grey string, tie a sinnet of 18 Square Knots


Take 1 x 240cm orange string, tie a sinnet of 22 Square Knots


Mirror STEPS 4-9 on the other side


Take 1 x 280cm grey string, tie a sinnet of 26 Square Knots


Turn the macrame and with the help of a weaving needle, tuck the coloured strings end at the back of two square knots.


Brush the natural string fringes with a comb


Trim the fringes all at the same length of approx. 10cm

Pro Tip

You can use more than 2 colours for this macrame wall hanging and play with the numbers and length of the sinnets.

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