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The twisted German cast on, also known as the old Norwegian cast on, starts the same way as the long-tail cast on. This cast on method produces relatively tight stitches, you might want to consider using a larger needle to cast on.

German cast on step-by-step


Place the tip of the needle under both strands of the yarn around your thumb.


Bring the needle through the middle of the threads on your thumb.


Wrap the needle around the top strand of yarn on your index finger. Moving the needle over then under.


Now push the needle through the small opening of the crossed yarns on your thumb (the X).


Drop the yarn from your fingers and pull to tighten around the needle.


Place your fingers, yarn and needle in position for next stitch.


Keep repeating the 6 steps in the exact same way until you have as many stitches as you need for your pattern.

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