You're nearly halfway through our how to knit a sock series! Now it's onto working the heel flap.

Step 4: Working the heel flap step-by-step


To get started. Line up the needles with half the amount of stitches on the front and half on the back. Now move the stitches on the front needle ready for working the heel flap only.

Pro Tip

The heel flap is made of half the amount of stitches cast on.


Push the stitches on the back needle down onto the core, these stitches will be used later for the upper part of the sock. Now the heel flap is worked back and forth in a 2 row repeat.


Continue. With right side of work *SL1, K1 across the heel flap. (30sts)


Turn it. Turn the work and SL1, P to end.


Repeat! Repeat last 2 rows for 35 rows (or until the heel flap is the depth of your heel), ending with a right side row. By working the 2 row repeat a denser fabric is created that will help with the wear and tear of the heal flap.

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