Granny square pumpkin pie tutorial

Get the ultimate cosy autumnal vibe with this gorgeous pumpkin pie inspired granny square from Crochet Cloudberry. Part of the Fall in New England cushion pattern, you'll be hooked on this project!

The pattern is written using UK terminology, but if you need US terms use this handy conversion chart! The square is worked in the round. You do not need to turn your work after each row and you continue working in the same direction as before. I worked this in Caron Simply Soft, but Paintbox Yarns Simply Aran is another good substitute!


Special stitches

5dtrcl – 5 double treble cluster

BLO – Back loop only

Ch – Chain

Ch-x-sp – Chain X space

Dc – Double crochet

Dtr – Double treble crochet

Fpdc – Front post double crochet

Htr – Half treble

Sdc – special double crochet – instead of inserting your hook into the top loops of the stitch below, you insert your hook through the “V” on the front the stitch below.

Spdc – spike stitch – dc placed in the round below the round your are working on

Tr – Treble

[Stitches written in brackets like this are all worked into the same stitch.]

How to make the cream and pumpkin pie

Pro Tip

For the first stitch on each row: Crochet 1 chain to move up to the next round if the round starts with double crochet. Crochet 2 chains if the round starts with a half treble crochet, and crochet 3 chains if the round starts with a treble crochet. These chains count as the first stitch in the row.


step 1

Round 1: Off White working into an mc. 5dtrcl, ch 2. 6 times. Fasten off. (6 clusters and 6 ch-2-sp) 


step 2

Round 2: Pumpkin. Fpdc over the top of a cluster, then working into ch-2-sp [dc, tr into the base of mc, dc]. 6 times. (24) 


Round 3: 3dc, [2dc]. 6 times. (30)


Round 4: 2dc, [2dc], 2dc. 6 times. (36)


Round 5: 5dc, [2dc]. 6 times. (42)


Round 6: 3dc, [2dc], 3dc. 6 times. (48)


Round 7: 7dc, [2dc]. 6 times. (54)


step 8

Round 8: 4dc, [2dc], 4dc. 6 times. Fasten off. (60)

How to make the pie crust

Pro Tip

In round 9 the spike stitch is used and in round 10 the special double crochet is used.


Round 9: Autumn Maize. Start the round anywhere but on the [2dc] from round 8.Dc, spdc, dc, spdc, dc, spdc, dc, spdc, [2dc], spdc. 6 times. (66)


step 2

Round 10: dc, sdc, [2dc], sdc, dc, sdc, dc, sdc, 2dc, sdc. 6 times Fasten off (72)

How to make the plate and leaf decoration


step 1

Round 11: Off White. Start the round anywhere but on the [2dc] from round 10.


In this round you work BLO: 11 dc [2dc], 6 times. (78)


Round 12: 12 dc, [2dc]. 6 times. Fasten off. [84].


step 4

How to make the leaf decoration:

Round 13: Autumn Red: 2 BLO htr, ch 1, skip 2 [3trcl, ch 1, 3trcl, ch 1, 3trcl, ch 1], skip 2, 2 BLO htr, 12 BLO dc. 4 times. Fasten off. (64, 12 cluster, 16 ch-1-sp)

How to make the table


step 1

Round 14: Off White. Join just after the final ch-1-sp of the corner sequence, i.e., on top of the 1st htr after the corner.. 16 BLO dc, htr into ch-1-sp, fpdc over cluster, dc into ch-1-sp, fpdc over cluster, dc into ch-1-sp, fpdc over cluster, htr into ch-1-sp. 4 times. (92)


Round 15: 16htr, 3tr, (tr, ch2, tr), 3tr. 4 times (96)

Fancy making the whole cushion? Grab Crochet Cloudberry's full 'Fall in New England' crochet cushion pattern on LoveCrafts!

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