Nothing says summer quite like the sight of zesty, tropical fruits in a rainbow of colours! Bring some of the bold brightness of the fruit bowl into your crafts with our round-up of fun, fruity patterns – from embroidered cherries to amigurumi pineapples and everything in between! 

Zingy lemons

Lemons might have you biting your cheeks, but the gorgeous bright yellow colour can only bring a smile to your face! These patterns are perfect for injecting a bit of colour into your wardrobe or brightening up your home.

Brilliant berries

Deep reds, bright pinks and vibrant greens come together to create these gorgeous berry patterns. We can't get enough of the small berry embroideries; ideal for embellishing old t-shirts or sweatshirts for spring.

Perfect pineapples

Pineapples have taken the top spot for trendiest fruit over the past few years, popping up on home accessories and clothing everywhere! If you’re a sucker for pineapples, make sure to check out our tutorial for a perfect pin-apple cushion.

Cheery cherries

If pineapples are the trendiest fruit, cherries are right behind them! If you’re crazy for cherries, you’ll love this super sweet embroidered cherry tutorial – these sweet little red fruits make the perfect embellishment.

Wonderful watermelons

If the vibrant pinks and greens of watermelons don't inspire you to pick up your stash and get making, these patterns will! Bold, bright and totally brilliant, these watermelon patterns are guaranteed to please.

Amazing apples

We couldn't leave the humble apple off our list! Make an apple a day with our selection of sweet patterns.

Peachy keen

The soft pink colour of peaches is too tempting not to bring into the craft room. We love the embroidered peach pattern, perfect for jazzing up old jeans or a simple white t-shirt.

Awesome oranges

Bright, bold, zesty and fragrant – there's nothing boring about an orange in the fruit bowl!