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How to make the cutest embroidered keepsake!

Sarah Ashford is a quilting queen, sewing superstar and all around craft goddess and we just can't get enough of her colourful creations! Follow Sarah's tutorial to make these lovely little fabric hearts and embroider the names of your loved ones on to them for a cute keepsake!

Now more than ever are we thinking of our families, whether we are with them 24/7 all in one home, or far apart and having see each other through video calls and hearing their voices on the telephone.  

I've heard that some people are making small hearts to give to patients who are on their own in hospital. This has inspired me to create a series of hearts with family members names on them, to create a special keepsake during this difficult time. Why not keep them for yourself to provide comfort, or, as they are small and light enough to fit in the post, send them to family that you can't be with to let you know that you're thinking of them. I know my own children have been delighted to see their names in embroidery, and I hope they can spread a little love to your family too.    



step 1

Print off the PDF template and draw around and cut out 2 heart shapes per heart. 

I have used the larger heart shape for the 'parent' hearts, and the smaller heart shape for the 'children' hearts. 

Note: the seam allowance is INCLUDED in the template size.  


Take a piece of linen and write the name of your family member on it in pencil.  Keep it quite small.  

step 2


step 3

Using an embroidery thread, use a backstitch to go over the pencil lines to write the name.  Tie off and cut the name out close to the edge but allowing enough room all the way round for the machine stitching when you appliqué it to the heart.  I have used pinking shears for a zig-zag edge. 

Pro Tip

You may like to use a stabiliser behind the fabric to make it easier to complete the embroidery.  A product such as Stitch n' Tear by Vliseline creates this stability. You simply pin it to the back of the fabric and then tear it away when the stitching is complete.  


step 4

Pin each name right sides up to the corresponding heart front.  Using a matching thread, machine stitch all the way around the edge.  Pull the threads to the back and tie off.  


step 5

Place the front and the back of the heart right sides together and pin.  Start stitching on your sewing machine at the bottom of the side edge, reinforcing the seam at the start.  Stitch all the way around but stop 2 inches before the start to allow for turning for the larger heart and 1 inch before the start on the smaller heart.  For the larger heart use a 1/4” seam and for the small heart use 1/8” seam.  

Clip the bottom of the heart and cut close to the seam line in the dip of the heart to ease turning.  Turn each heart right sides out through the gap and use a knitting needle or similar to push it out.


step 6

Take the toy stuffing and carefully push it into all of the heart.  It's up to you how much you stuff it, but remember you've got to be able to stitch the gap closed by hand in the next step! 


step 7

Use a pin to hold the gap closed.  Take a matching thread and use a slipstitch to close the gap.  

Repeat for all the hearts for all your family members.  And you are done! I hope you enjoy stitching this project and spreading some love to all your family.  

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