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Crochet therapy for mental health

From easing chronic pain to taking the edge off anxiety, the health benefits of crochet are endless. All you need is your trusty hook and some colourful yarn to lose yourself in craft therapy and let the good vibes in.  

Mental health can be a difficult subject to talk about, which means suffering can be lonely. Unlike having a visible illness or injury, depression and anxiety show no physical side effects and often can go unnoticed, even by those closest to you. However hard it might be to believe, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and crochet therapy could help you manage the day-to-day struggles.

Crochet therapy for depression and anxiety can work wonders. It has the power to carry you through depression, soothe anxiety, and give you a much-needed boost in confidence. The familiar curve of the hook, the challenge of a new stitch, and the pulse of a regular row can absorb hours of worry and quiet negative thoughts in an instant.

But how exactly does crochet help with mental health? The repetition of stitches is said to stimulate the production of serotonin, the brain’s feel-good chemical that helps boost your mood. And that’s not all – the simple act of choosing colours and patterns can be a decision-making task that might be big victory on a difficult day. Plus, having a go-to project brings about a sense of purpose and achievement.

Join the crochet community

It's easy to bottle up your problems, but if you’re struggling with mental health, a crochet group can be a lifeline. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even have to leave your house to meet up with like-minded crocheters. Online crochet communities like our very own crochet Instagram, @lovecrochetcom, can give you the space you need to open up about how your feeling and discuss your worries alongside your yarn colour choices. As we know, crocheters are the kindest of people, so they’re likely to want to listen and help.

Crochet for charity

If the thought of crocheting for yourself is daunting, there are lots of charities that would love your help to make cozy scarves for the elderly, toys for children in need, hats for the homeless and even blankets for animals in shelters.

Crochet is needed all over the world – and you can help make a real difference!

Mood blankets make the perfect project if you're in need of some craft therapy and mastering granny squares is a great place to start. Simply choose your colours and get into the groove.

Making mood blankets

Mood blankets make the perfect project for reflecting how you feel everyday. There are zillions of patterns online, and they range from super simple to crazy complex. Start with rows of half doubles to create a beautiful swathe of colour that matches your mood, or create gorgeous granny squares.

It's easy to start – just pick up your hook and crochet – back and forth, everyday or whenever you feel like you need a release. Select a colour that reflects your mood and how you feel and let yourself sink into the stitches and feel the rhythmic rows melt your worries away.

Free granny square patterns for mood blankets

Making a mood blanket is all about connecting your crochet to your feelings. Simply start crocheting, and you'll soon have a stunning blanket that maps your emotions and helps you to reflect on your feelings.

How to make a mood blanket


step 1

Start by choosing colours of yarn that match your mood or reflect how you're feeling. Having a down day? Pick deep purples, cool blues and stoney greys. If your mood is on the up, opt for sunny yellows, brilliantly bright oranges and perfect shades of pink.


step 2

Make a simple granny square or crochet a few rows everyday, whether you're feeling brilliantly bright or deeply down.


step 3

Keep crocheting through your moods – both good and bad until you've made a beautiful blanket. When you've finished one, start to map your moods into a new creation!

Ready to lose yourself in craft therapy?

There's no time like the present! Grab your stash and get to work. We've got free easy patterns for beginners, plus oodles of blanket crochet patterns for wherever your mood takes you. Why not pop on an episode of The LoveCrafts Show as well, check out episode one where we discuss the wellness benefits of craft!