The bucket hat is back! And what better way to stay cool and on-trend this summer? Learn how to make your very own Sunnyside Crochet Bucket Hat with this brilliant free crochet tutorial by designer and fibre artist Leah Gordon from I Play with Fiber. Whip up in the yummiest shades of planet friendly Paintbox Recycled Cotton. Leah explains the inspiration behind the project!

Hi! I’m Leah Gordon and I play with fibre, literally! I’ve been a designing fibre artist since 2018. I love obsessing over “new-to- me” yarn and finding ways to create fun and wearable projects with them.

Today’s project is a beginner friendly and very trendy bucket hat! Before we get started, I want to note that this pattern is adapted from its raffia sister. If you’ve already made a raffia Sunnyside Bucket Hat this free project will show how to make it in recycled cotton!

Bucket hat crochet tutorialSunnyside Bucket Hat tutorial

Sunnyside Bucket Hat in Paintbox Yarn Recycled Cotton is a total dream! Recycled cotton is easy to acquire and on average costs less than raffia! Let’s not forget it’s a sustainable alternative to other man-made fibres.

Easy to crochet and maintain, recycled cotton has quickly become my new favourite fibre for making all the Sunnysides! Let’s get crocheting, shall we?


Gauge (4x4”/10x10cm)
20sts x 10r Half Double Crochet
20sts x 20r Waistcoat Stitch

Final Size

Crown: 6”x4”

Brim: 3.5”


This pattern uses US terms.

ch - chain

HDC - Half Double Crochet

Rep - Repeat

sk - skip

Sl st - Slip stitch

Slst2tog - Slip stitch 2 together

st(s) - stitch(es)

WC - Waistcoat Stitch

() - Indicates remaining # of stitches

[] - Indicate a repeat

Starting from a magic ring, this pattern is worked in a continuous spiral from crown to brim. Stitch markers may be helpful to track the first stitch of each round. Do not slip st to join rounds. Do not chain 1 to start new rounds. You will not turn your work.

How to crochet a bucket hat step-by-step


Round 1: 12 HDC. (12 sts)

Round 2: 2 HDC in each next st around. (24 sts)

Round 3: [HDC, 2 HDC in next st] around. (36 sts)

Round 4: [HDC 2, 2 HDC in next st] around. (48 sts)

Round 5: [HDC 3, 2 HDC in next st] around. (60sts)


Bucket hat step 1

Round 6: [HDC 4, 2 HDC in next st] around. (72 sts)

Round 7: [HDC 5, 2 HDC in next st] around. (84 sts)


Bucket hat step 2

Round 8: Sl st around.


Bucket hat step 3

Round 9: SC around. Work around sl sts from round 8 into HDCs from around 7.

Rounds 10-12: WC around.

Round 13: [WC 6, 2 WC in next st] around. (96 sts)


Bucket Hat Step 5

Rounds 14-27: WC around.


Round 28: Rep Round 8.

Round 29: [HDC 6, 2 HDC in next st] 13 times, HDC next 4 sts. Work around sl sts from previous round into sts from Round 27. (109 sts)


Bucket hat step 4

Round 30: HDC around.

Round 31: [HDC 4, 2 HDC in next st, 2 HDC in next st] 18 times, HDC last st. (145 sts)

Round 32: Rep Round 30.

Round 33: [HDC 6, 2 HDC in next st, 2 HDC in next st] 18 times, HDC last st. (181 sts)

Round 34: Rep Round 30.

Round 35: [HDC 19, 2 HDC in next st] 7 times, HDC in last 5 (188sts.)

Round 36: Rep Round 30.



Sk next st, slst2tog, break yarn. Weave ends, wear, and enjoy!

Finished Sunnyside bucket hat

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