Is there anything more comforting than a soft-boiled egg with toast soldiers to start your day? A new crochet WIP might just beat your favourite breakfast, but there’s no need to compete. Your two favourite things can live in harmony! Add a dash of cuteness to your morning ritual with this crochet chick egg cosy from Emma Friedlander-Collins of Steel and Stitch. You just have to decide which comes first - your chick egg cosy or your egg!


rnd round
dc double crochet
st(s) stitch(es)

Crochet a chick egg cosy tutorial, step-by-step:


Round 1. Crochet 6 dc into the ring.


Round 2. Work 2 dc into each stitch (12 sts)


Round 3-8. Use a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of each round. Work 1 dc into each stitch for each round.


Finish it off. Fasten off and weave in ends with a tapestry needle.


The finishing touch. Add 2 black sequins for eyes and a couple of orange stitches for the beak.

Crochet chicken patterns