Cosy cables are a winter wardrobe staple, and knitted headbands are a super simple way to incorporate some of those cosy vibes into your outfits! We're really embracing the beauty of hygge this year, and this cabled headband is the perfect project to snuggle down. If you're new to cable knitting, make sure to check out our how to cable knit guide before you start. Grab yourself a hot chocolate, your knitting needles and get cosy!


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step 1

Cast on 16 stitches. Knit first 2 rows


step 2

First cable - Slip off 2 stitches, and slide the cable needle on to 4 stitches. Let the cable needle fall forward bringing it the front of your work. Knit the next 4 stitches on your knitting needle.

Go back to your cable needle and knit those 4 stitches off of the cable needle. Knit the final 4 stitches on your needle, purl and knit the last 2 stitches.

Turn over your work.

Pro Tip

Make sure you don't twist your cable as you knit the stitches off the needle!


step 3

Following the pattern: Slip 1, knit 1. Purl 12 stitches, and finish the row with knit 1, purl 1. Knit the next 5 rows.


step 4

On to the next cable row! Slip the first stitch and purl the second. Knit the next 4 stitches.

Put the next 4 stitches on to your cable needle, holding the cable needle at the back of your work. Knit the next 4 stitches on to your regular needle. Follow by knitting the 4 stitches off of your cable needle. Purl and knit the final 2 stitches.


step 5

Knit another 5 rows and repeat the cable sequences, following the pattern to reach your desired length!

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