If you’ve got little people to make for, you’re in for a treat! The new free Animal Crackers collection from Paintbox Yarns combines all of the most wonderful things about making for kids – baby soft yarns, super cute animal motifs and the prettiest of pastel colours! 

Designed to fit toddlers and small children, the Animal Crackers collection is made up of hats, sweaters, blankets and cardigans – all with an adorable animal twist.

Bear Blanket 

This granny square blanket is far from boring! These little granny squares are made with a small bear far in the centre of each, with perfect stick-out ears that give the blanket a cool 3D edge.


A bear-face beret, this gorgeous little hat has a little face on top with the usual beret knot taking the place of the nose.

Busy Bee Cardigan

A nifty little slip stitch makes up a pretend cable to create this gorgeous textured without too much extra work! Small bees are embroidered over the honeycomb surface to add a whimsical finish.

Find My Friends Sweater 

This striped sweater has teeny tiny faces embroidered within the stripes. It's super simple to make with no texture, but still packs a very cute punch!

Little Friend Sweater

This lovely little crochet number has a fun lion embroidered onto the textured surface, as if he's peaking his little face an paws out of a pocket!

More Ears for Listening Hat 

A hat with ears – what's not to love? This cute garter stitch hat with little ears on top is guaranteed to go down a treat with adults and kids alike!

Mouse in the House Sweatshirt 

This very slightly textured hooded sweatshirt with little ears on top is a great gender-neutral make for both girls and boys – making it a sweater that will be handed down for years to come!!

My Little Bunny Dress 

A slightly more complex crochet make, this pretty dress has an all over texture designed to look like fur and a pocket your little one can keep all of their little trinkets in!