The ten types of crocheter

Everyone has their own individual crochet style and it’s what makes you, and your projects, unique! Whether you’re an amigurumi artist or like to try a bit of everything (and have the WIPs to prove it!), can you spot yourself in our top ten crocheters below?

The Beginner

Somehow your squares have more than four corners and your blankets seem to weave in and out at the edges. Just tell everyone you’re doing freeform crochet and they’re bound to be impressed!

The amigurumist

Pineapple, doll, unicorn – there’s no character your talented hook can’t sculpt with your nimble skills at amigurumi (sometimes we even struggle just to say it).

The stash addict

Big stash? It’s inevitable really! What people don’t understand is that you need one ball of each colour, and one of each weight, oh and that shiny new one over there. And perhaps just one more…

Granny square guru

From its humble beginnings to the most elaborate forms, you have well and truly mastered the granny square. Blankets, bags, tops, there’s nothing you can’t create with a granny square!

The WIP crocheter

You’re very good at starting new projects, perhaps too good if the wake of WIPs you leave behind is any indication. You could finish that blanket you started last year, or you could start hooking that fab new CAL everyone’s talking about. You've never quite got enough tools...

The planner

Last minute gift? No problem, you’ve got three baby blankets you planned for just such an emergency. Now did they want stripes, ombre or the super cute one with the matching bunny?

The freestyler

From playing with colour like an artist with a palette, to orchestrating projects without a score in sight, you’re all about experimenting and trying something new. Who needs a pattern anyway?

The trendsetter

Chevrons, hexies or tapestry crochet? Most of us are struggling to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Luckily, we can see what’s fresh off your hook and ooh and aah in admiration.

The CAL gal (or guy)

Crochet is at its best when it’s fun and social and a CAL (Crochet-A-Long) is the perfect opportunity to get involved. You’ve ordered your yarn, discussed tactics in the online forums and you’re ready to go!

The crochet commuter

You’ve always got a project in the works, and you’re always on the go! At work, on the train, even outdoors at the park, you’ll be found hook in hand, happily working away.

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