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Due to current events: Please NOTE: Beanie, material, wool, and knitter are NOT!!! included in the purchase! It's a pdf-pattern ONLY!

This will be my last beanie before christmas 2013.

It has only three colors in the whole beanie. So it is also suitable for stranded knitting beginners.
Even if you pull a bit too tight this beanie will still fit as it's a bit bigger than my usual beanies.
You could also reduce it to using two colors (dark blue and off-white) which would make the knitting even easier.

It has a simple two color ribbing, followed by a wild boar and it's baby boar. Then comes a little tree or forest border pattern.
The next band shows the feeding of the roe deers, above them again trees with falling snow.
At the top are 5 bird houses (bird feeding stations) with two birds and a bird food ball (Meisenknödel) dangling from the bird house where the birds can pick their food from..

Right at the center of the top is a lovely ornament.

For smaller heads it

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Sandra Jäger
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